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This glossary of business definitions contains over 2,000 business terms used in compensation and benefits administration. Continually updated, this specialized business dictionary focuses on definitions of Human Resources terms and business terms.

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Early Retirement Age (Pension Plans)
Early Retirement Agreements
Earned Time Off
Earnings and Profits
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Economic Benefit
Economic Value Added (EVA)
Edgar Extracts
Education Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Educational Benefits
Effective Date
Effective Tax Rate
Effort Bargain
Elder Care Programs
Election Period
Elective Contributions or Elective Deferrals
Elective Surgery
Electronic Signature
Eligibility Date
Eligibility for a Plan
Eligibility Period
Eligibility Requirements
Eligible Payroll
Elimination Period
Emergency Room Coverages
Emerging Issues Task Force
Employee Achievement Awards
Employee Assistance Programs
Employee Benefits
Employee Contributions
Employee Counseling Services
Employee Discounts
Employee Participation
Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)
Employee Services and Allowances
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Employee's Cost Basis
Employees Profit Sharing Plan (EPSP)
Employer Contribution
Employment Contract
Employment Taxes
Endorsement Method
Endowment Insurance
Enhancement Type Policy
Enrolled Actuary
Entertainment Expenses
Entire Contract Provision
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Equal Pay for Comparable Work
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Equitable Assignment
Equity Allocation
Equity Investment
Equity Method
Equity Pension
Equity Plans
Equity Theory
Equity-Based Insurance Product
Equivalent Annual Percent Increase (EAPI)
Equivalent Level Annual Dividend (ELAD)
Equivalent Single Payment
Equivocal Suicide
ERI Data Observations / Counts
ERI Distance Learning Center (DLC)
Error and Omissions (E&O) Insurance
European-Style Option
Evergreen Authorization
Evergreen Plan
Evidence of Insurability
Excess Benefit Plans
Excess Benefit Transaction
Excess Contributions
Excess Interest
Excess Plan
Exchange Program
Exchange Rate
Excise Taxes
Exclusion Ratio
Exclusion Rider
Exclusive Agents
Exclusive of Board, Lodging, or Other Facilities
Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
Exclusive Territory
Exculpatory Statute
Executive Benefits
Executive Officer
Exempt Employees
Exercise (of a Share Option or Other Executive-Plan Feature)
Exercise Period
Exoneration Statutes
Expatriate Premium
Expectancy Theory
Expense Accounts and Allowances
Experience Rating
Experience Refund
Experience-Rated Arrangement
Experimental Underwriting
Expiration Date
Express Authority
Extended Spouse's Allowance
Extended Term Insurance Option
External Equity
External Wage Structure
Extraordinary Items
Extra-Percentage Tables Method
Extrinsic Rewards

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