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This glossary of business definitions contains over 2,000 business terms used in compensation and benefits administration. Continually updated, this specialized business dictionary focuses on definitions of Human Resources terms and business terms.

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Mail-Order Prescription Drug Plan
Major Medical Coverage
Major Medical Insurance
Major Services
Majority Ownership
Managed Care
Managed Health Care
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Management Compensation
Managing General Agent (MGA)
Mandated Benefits
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)
Mandatory Securities Valuation Reserve (MSVR)
Manual Rates
Marginal Tax Rate
Market Adjustment
Market Based Salary Increase Budget
Market Basket
Market Capitalization
Market Compa-Ratio
Market Cycle
Market Index
Market Pay Data
Market Pricing
Market Rates
Master Contract
Master Plan
Matching Contributions
Material Fact
Material Misrepresentation
Matters of Significance
Matured Endowment
Maturity Curve
Maximum Benefit
Maximum Benefit Period
Maximum Benefits for Related Confinements Provision
Maximum Reasonable Compensation
Maximum Years of Experience
McCarran Ferguson Act
Median - Grouped Data
Medical Application
Medical Expense Insurance
Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
Medical Necessity Provision
Medical Report
Medical Savings (Spending) Account (MSA)
Medicare Risk HMO
Medicare Secondary Payor Rules
Medicare Supplement
Mental Health Parity Act of 1996
Mental Health Services
Merit Bonus
Merit Budget
Merit Increase
Merit Matrix
Merit Pool
Merit Progression
Merit Rating
Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA)
Military Service Payments
Minimum Age
Minimum Age Requirement
Minimum Deposit Arrangement
Minimum Deposit Business
Minimum Distribution Rules
Minimum Participation Requirements
Minimum Premium Plan (MPP)
Minimum Service Requirement
Minimum Wage
Misstatement of Age Provision
Mode of Premium Payment
Model Bill
Model Life Insurance Solicitation Regulation
Model Rules Governing the Advertisement of Life Insurance
Model Unfair Trade Practices Act
Modified Net Premiums
Modified-Premium Whole Life Insurance
Money Market Fund
Money Purchase Plan
Monthly Debit Ordinary Insurance
Moral Hazard
Morbidity Rate
Morbidity Table
Mortality Charge
Mortality Curve
Mortality Experience
Mortality Rate
Mortality Table
Mortgage Redemption Insurance
Moving and Relocation Expenses
Multi-Company Representation
Multi-Employer Plan
Multinational Pooling
Multiple Employee Welfare (MEWA)
Multiple Employer Trust (MET)
Multiple Line Agency System (MLA)
Mutual Insurance Company

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