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This glossary of business definitions contains over 2,000 business terms used in compensation and benefits administration. Continually updated, this specialized business dictionary focuses on definitions of Human Resources terms and business terms.

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Back-Loaded Policy
Backup Withholding
Bail Out
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Approach
Band Grading
Bar Chart
Base Country or Home Country
Base Pay
Base Payroll
Base Rate or Base Wage Rate
Base Salary or Wage
Base Wage Rate or Base Rate
Basic Death Benefit
Basic Earnings Per Share
Basic Mortality Table
Basic Plan with Major Medical
Basic Services
Basket Clause
Behavior Based Appraisal
Below Market
Below Market Rate Employee Loans
Benchmark Job
Benchmark Job Data
Beneficiary Declaration
Benefit of Survivorship
Benefit Plans - Health Care
Benefit Plans - Retirement
Benefit Reductions
Benefit Schedule
Benefit Statements
Benefits Packages
Bennett Amendment
Bereavement Leave
Best Earnings Plan
Bilingual Differential
Bimodal Distribution
Binding Premium Receipt
Binomial Option Pricing Model
Birthday Rule
Black-Scholes Model Z
Blended Rates
BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Blue Cross Plan
Blue Shield Plan
Board of Directors
Bonafide Occupational Qualification (BFOG)
Bonus (Pay Plans)
Bonus Eligible
Bonus Guarantee
Bonus Progressivity
Book Unit Award Plan
Book Value (BV)
Book Value Purchase Plans
Bottom Line
Bottom-Up Budgeting
Branch Manager
Branch Office Distribution System
Breach of Duties
Break in Service
Break in Service Year (Erisa Pension-Plan Standards)
Bridge Loan
Bridging Supplement
Broker Dealer
Brokerage Distribution System
Brokerage Manager
Brokerage Shop
Brother-Sister Arrangement
Bulletin Boards
Bundled Insurance Product
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Business Continuation Insurance
Business Insurance
Business Travel Accident Insurance
Business Travel Accident Plan
Buyer's Guide
Buying Power

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