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This glossary of business definitions contains over 2,000 business terms used in compensation and benefits administration. Continually updated, this specialized business dictionary focuses on definitions of Human Resources terms and business terms.

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Labor Grade
Labor Market
Lag Pay Structure Policy
Lag the Market
Laissez Faire Tax Policy
Last In, First Out (LIFO)
Lead Pay Structure Policy
Lead-Lag Pay Structure Policy
Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Service Provider (LSP)
Leased Employees
Least Squares Line
Level Annual Premium Funding Method
Level Cutters
Level of Work
Leverage in Financing
Leveraged Employee Stock Ownership Plan (LESOP)
Leveraged Stock Option
Liability Insurance
Licensed Broker
Life Annuity
Life Annuity with Period Certain
Life Cycle Pension Plan
Life Income Option
Life Income Option with Period Certain
Life Income Option with Refund
Life Income with Period Certain Annuity
Life Insurance
Life Insured
Life Underwriter
Life-Only Annuity
Lifetime Maximum
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Limited Coverage Policy
Limited-Payment Whole Life Insurance
Linear Regression
Linear Relationship
Linear Scales
Living Benefit Rider
Local Area Network (LAN)
Local National
Location Selling Distribution System
Lock Box Banking
Log In / Log On
Log Off
Logarithmic Model
Logarithmic Scales
Long Form Reinstatement Application
Long-Term Bonus
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Compensation
Long-Term Debt
Long-Term Disability Income Insurance
Long-Term Disability Plan / Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-Term Incentive Plan
Long-Term Incentives
Long-Term Income Protection
Loss of Limbs
Loss Ratio
Lump Sum Bonus
Lump Sum Distributions
Lump Sum Incentive Award
Lump Sum Increase
Lump Sum Merit
Lump Sum Merit Payment
Lump Summing
Luxury Automobiles

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