Cloud Assessor Series

ERI releases new datasets quarterly. When a dataset update becomes available, an Update Available button will appear in the upper-right corner next to the "Data as of" date.

To Update the Dataset

  1. Click the Update Available button
  2. Click OK to confirm that you want to change to the latest quarter’s dataset.

Please note: Updating a dataset is irreversible

Installed Assessor Series

The files below are self-extracting updates to ERI research products. Click on any underlined dataset found below to initiate the updating process. With a bandwidth of 768 kbps a 50 MB download will take ten minutes.

ERI's Platform Library Update – FREE

Updated 6/23/2017

Platform Library (July 2017) 333 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Platform Library

Single Quarterly Dataset Updates for Paid Subscribers – July 2017 editions

Updates for Assessors posted 6/23/2017.

Salary Assessor 57 MB Self-extracting update of Salary Assessor salary survey data
Relocation Assessor 26 MB Self-extracting update of Relocation Assessor cost-of-living data
Geographic Assessor 34 MB Self-extracting update of Geographic Assessor labor cost data
Executive Compensation Assessor 62 MB Self-extracting update of Executive Compensation Assessor survey data
Nonprofit Comparables Assessor 98 MB Self-extracting update of Nonprofit Comparables Assessor tax-exempt survey data
Occupational Assessor 124 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Occupational Assessor.

Previous Quarter Editions

April 2017 Platform Library

Platform Library (April 2017) 332 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Platform Library


Microsoft's Internet Explorer: will ask you to OPEN (or RUN), SAVE, or CANCEL. If you select OPEN (or RUN), the file that is being downloaded will install as soon as the download is complete. If SAVE is selected, select a folder on your computer's hard drive to save the selected file, and the browser will begin downloading the file. When the download is complete, double click on the file that was downloaded, and it will self-install into a default directory.