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Proxy Mentions and Court Opinions

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Court Opinions

United States Tax Court: Eric G. Suder, Et Al., v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (10/01/2014)
…Dr. Hafiz compared Mr. Suder to CEOs of companies with revenues in the $40 million range and an SIC Code of 3661, Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus Industry, in the Economic Research Institute (ERI) database... Mr. Longnecker compared Mr. Suder with CEOs in six different databases: (1) the ERI database of companies with an SIC code of 3660, Hi-Tech & Communications Equipment, in the United States; (2) the ERI database of companies with an SIC code of 3660 in Dallas, Texas…
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United States Tax Court: Aries Communications Inc. & Subs., v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (04/10/2013)
...considered executive officer compensation and broadcaster gross income and profitability information from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for the position of general manager and information from the Economic Research Institute...
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Proxy Statements That Mention ERI Data

PFF Bancorp, Inc. (07/28/06) - Salary levels recommended by the committee are intended to be in the middle range of the marketplace. There is no provision for 'automatic annual raises;' however, adjustments will be made from time to time for individuals whose salaries are trailing the market. Sources of compensation information include a peer group analysis as obtained through review of proxy statements and various compensation surveys including Employer Group Survey, Economic Research Institute Survey, Western Management Group Survey, California Bankers Association Survey, American Community Bankers Survey and other published sources and consultation with independent compensation consultants.
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