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Proxy Statements That Mention ERI Data

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (04/30/19) - Benchmarking and Analysis: Our Peers
In identifying the peer group of surveyed companies, the Audit and Corporate Governance Committee considered market information available through both Equilar, Inc., a leading executive data solutions company, and the Economic Research Institute, an industry- and region-specific compensation database, as reference points and to assemble market data on companies having similar industrial characteristics and revenues to ours. The Committee, together with management and Lockton, review the gathered data for each of our NEO and other key employee positions and adjust that data for the scope of each employee’s responsibilities at Lifeway as compared to equivalent responsibilities of positions within companies included in the survey data.
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Fox Factory Holding Corp (03/19/19) - Oversight of Executive Compensation
In 2018, Aon was also engaged to perform executive and director pay analysis based on the Company's new peer group. In addition, in fiscal year 2018, the human resources staff purchased subscriptions to financial and executive compensation databases to obtain market data, including a subscription to the Economic Research Institute ("ERI"), a leading third-party compensation data provider. Utilizing the data provided by ERI, the human resources staff reviewed the compensation of executives of peer group companies based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to: (i) geography, (ii) revenue, (iii) growth rate, (iv) types of products and (v) EBITDA. The scope of ERI’s services to the Company during fiscal year 2018 was limited to providing access to its database to the human resources staff. The human resources staff also constantly monitors public sources known within the industry to keep up to date on market trends.
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Ameriserv Financial Inc /Pa/ (03/14/19) - 2018 Executive Officer Compensation.
For 2018, we increased the Named Executive Officers’ base salaries in order to, among other things, maintain their compensation at a competitive level. The committee’s independent compensation consultant provided an updated study to the committee which included the compensation levels of each of the Named Executive Officers and those from the previously identified peer group. The independent compensation consultant also examined with the committee the pay practices from other Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Ohio based financial institutions with assets generally between $1 billion and $2 billon, with data from the Economic Research Institute used to normalize the information for Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The compensation/human resources committee also considered a number of factors in setting these new levels, including an annual review of peer compensation and the overall performance of the company.
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Us Concrete Inc (03/29/19) - Compensation Discussion and Analysis
For 2018, we also subscribed to an on-line compensation service available through the Economic Research Institute (“ERI”). ERI compiles a robust database on job competencies, cost-of-living increases and executive compensation surveys. These three databases are used to help gauge the competitiveness of our 2018 salaries and executive compensation practices.
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Unit Corp (03/26/19) - 2018 Salaries
Villareal’s December 2017 materials included 2016 executive compensation market information obtained from SEC filings for the company’s executive compensation peer group consisting at that time of Bill Barrett Corporation, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, Cimarex Energy Company, Denbury Resources, Inc., Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Newfield Exploration Company, Parker Drilling Company, Patterson - UTI Energy, Inc., Pioneer Energy Services Corporation, SM Energy Company, Stone Energy Corporation, and Whiting Petroleum (the “2017 peer group”). The Villareal materials also included 2017 market compensation information based on survey data for executives with positions comparable to the NEOs, obtained from the 2017 Mercer Survey for energy companies with a $1.0 to $3.0 billion revenue range; the 2017 ECI Survey for energy companies and company divisions of size comparable to Unit; and Economic Research Institute’s Executive Compensation Assessor, providing data covering 2,000 industries and over 500 top management/executive positions, including energy companies of comparable size to Unit.
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Arotech Corp (03/22/19) - Benchmarking of Base Compensation and Equity Holdings
Our Compensation Committee has determined that our respective named executive officers’ salaries, cash incentive bonuses and equity holdings were at or below the median of named executive officers with similar roles at public companies having comparable revenues and that no material changes should be made to the cash compensation levels of our named executive officers until our annual named executive officer performance reviews, which were conducted in the first quarter of 19. This median was derived based on a report we obtained from The Burke Group in 2018. The report compared our named executive officer compensation with the results of two surveys, involving companies in the aerospace and military/defense industry with revenues of between $100 million and $200 million, one from Willis Watson Data Services and one from the Economic Research Institute. Our Compensation Committee realizes that benchmarking our compensation against the compensation earned at comparable companies may not always be appropriate, but believes that engaging in a comparative analysis of our compensation practices is useful. In instances where a named executive officer is uniquely key to our success, the Compensation Committee may provide compensation above the median referred to above. The Committee’s choice not to recommend to the Board of Directors immediate material changes to the compensation levels following its review of The Burke Group’s report reflects our consideration of stockholders’ interests in paying what is necessary, but not more than necessary, to achieve our corporate goals while conserving cash and equity as much as is practicable. We believe that our compensation levels are generally sufficient to retain our existing named executive officers and to hire new named executive officers when and as required.
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Magellan Midstream Partners Lp (03/25/19) - 2018 Executive Compensation
Market competitive pay for each NEO was determined by evaluating base salaries and target incentive awards from our peer group and targeting the market median. When this information was not available, we reviewed third-party survey information from Mercer and TowersWatson for energy companies of similar size to us and Aon Hewitt, Economic Research Institute, and World at Work Survey.
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Court Opinions

United States Tax Court: Eric G. Suder, Et Al., v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (10/01/2014)
…Dr. Hafiz compared Mr. Suder to CEOs of companies with revenues in the $40 million range and an SIC Code of 3661, Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus Industry, in the Economic Research Institute (ERI) database... Mr. Longnecker compared Mr. Suder with CEOs in six different databases: (1) the ERI database of companies with an SIC code of 3660, Hi-Tech & Communications Equipment, in the United States; (2) the ERI database of companies with an SIC code of 3660 in Dallas, Texas…
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United States Tax Court: Aries Communications Inc. & Subs., v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (04/10/2013)
...considered executive officer compensation and broadcaster gross income and profitability information from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for the position of general manager and information from the Economic Research Institute...
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