Looking to benchmark salaries and benefits in 2013? Looking for a great deal on data? Consider participating in our traditional compensation and benefits surveys. By submitting your organization’s data, you become eligible for a half-off discount on the survey results.  Participants also receive a free Executive Summary. ERI Salary Surveys has a wide variety of industry and job function compensation surveys to choose from, as well as two benefits surveys.

Benefits Surveys (U.S. only)

The survey focuses on employer-provided employee health care benefits.  The report serves as a valuable reference for considering plans, changes, and strategies for effective benefits management.  Data are reported by organization sector, industry group, geographic region, and organization size.  Participation in this survey closes February 15, and the report will be available April 2013.

This survey includes information on medical, prescription, and dental costs, and also provides data on life/disability benefits, retirement plan practices, paid leave, and other benefits such as executive perquisites.  Data provided in this survey give nonprofit organizations an inexpensive resource to compare current benefit offerings to those of other nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S.  Data are reported by organization scope, activity area, geographic region, and organization size.  Nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to participate in this survey through March 31.  The full report will be available July 2013.

Compensation Surveys (U.S. & Canada)

Each salary survey reports up to three sources of employer-provided data per job title: data derived from participants, digitized public records, and ERI Economic Research Institute’s Assessor Series databases. Compensation data are reported as annual base salary, incentive/variable pay, and total direct compensation shown in means, medians, and percentiles. A job description, a graph with a trend line and data points, and the Selected Characteristics of the Occupation (optional) are also included for each benchmark position.

Participation for all compensation surveys closes March 31. Results will be published in August 2013.

Choose from popular combined industry titles such as the All Manufacturing Salary Survey and All Health Care Salary Survey. Industry-specific surveys (nearly 100 total) include the Consulting Salary Survey, the Retail Salary Survey, and the Transportation and Distribution Salary Survey. ERI Salary Surveys also publishes approximately 20 job function surveys, including the following: Engineering and Scientific Professional Salary SurveyTop Management and Executive Salary SurveyPhysicians Salary Survey, and Human Resources Salary Survey.

Surveys are available with national or statewide results.

Nonprofits have the option of choosing from specific sectors (30 in all) — such as the Mental Health Services Salary Survey, the Public Education Salary Survey, and the Human Services Salary Surveys — and/or participate in the All Nonprofits Salary Survey.

Surveys are available with national or statewide results.

Our Canadian salary survey collection has grown due to increased participation and interest. Our newest offering is the All Construction Salary Survey. Other popular titles are the All Energy and Mining Salary Survey, the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Salary Survey and the Oil, Gas and Upstream Services Salary Survey.

All of our Canadian salary surveys show national results.

Assessor Series subscribers are encouraged to participate in any applicable survey to receive the results for free (PDF version). Survey questionnaires may be accessed through the Platform Library. Survey participants do not receive a discount on Assessor subscriptions.

For more information about ERI Salary Surveys, contact us at survey.sales@erieri.com or 877-210-6563.