Salary Increases for Executive VPs by Industry

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 17. July 2012 14:00

This third and final analysis in a series regarding executive compensation at the industry level focuses on base pay for Executive Vice Presidents (EVP). As with the CEO and COO analyses, proxy statements from the last two reported years were used to create datasets by industry. See the full methodology from previous post.

The final analysis includes 219 industries for 6,405 EVPs. Overall, base pay increased, on average, 9% for the most recent reported fiscal year.  Only eight industries showed a decrease in EVP pay, with the biggest drop being 3%. The remaining 211 industries all saw EVP base pay increasing. The top 10 industries are shown below.

Similar to the COO analysis, the service industry does not have a representative in the top ten for EVP. As with both the CEO and COO analyses, manufacturing and energy/mining dominate the list. Additionally, the construction industry is represented in the list twice. This is somewhat surprising as construction was one of the industries most impacted by the recession. However, examining salaries among these industries does not show executive salaries in construction to be any lower than others in the list. In fact, Nonresidential Construction (1540) had the highest average salary among the top ten.


Executive VP by Industry

Salary Change

Nonresidential Building Construction (1540)


Hardware and Plumbing Wholesalers (5070)


Specialty Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (3790)


Ordnance and Accessories Manufacturing (3480)


Bituminous Mining (1220)


Highway and Street Construction (1610)


Natural Gas Extraction (1320)


Gasoline Stations (5540)


Cement and Concrete Materials Production (3240)


Chemical, Fertilizer and Other Nonmetallic Mineral Mining (1470)



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