ERI Salary Surveys has released its largest collection of industry-specific and job function surveys, more than 170 in all, for organizations researching market-based compensation data. Each survey reports employer-provided data derived from survey participants, digitized public records, and ERI Economic Research Institute’s patented online, interactive salary surveys and Assessor Series databases.

Salary information for each job title represents actual data points—no attempt is made to alter the data as collected, reported, and graphically displayed other than to normalize collected compensation amounts to a common date.

ERI Salary Surveys, which has been conducting surveys since 1967, offers electronic and hardcopy versions of its reports. Organizations seeking benchmark job comparisons have the opportunity to choose surveys by the size of their organization (large and small) and by location (state or national basis). In addition to reporting total annual direct compensation for each benchmark job, each survey identifies means, medians, and percentiles, as well as incentive and variable pay, and provides full job descriptions.

From All Manufacturing and Food and Beverage to the newest addition, Aerospace, ERI Salary Surveys covers a wide range of industries and job functions, starting at $244.50 per survey.

Surveys are available for online purchase at Participation in 2012 surveys opens October 1, 2011. Organizations that contribute information receive a 50 percent discount on the survey purchased and a complimentary copy of the Executive Summary. Participation is not required to purchase surveys.

ERI Salary Surveys also offers two surveys exclusively detailing employee benefits. The first, 2011 Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations identifies trends in nonprofit medical and dental coverage, as well as retirement plans and paid-leave options, among other benefits. The second, 2011 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Surveycompares health care benefits among the nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors.