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Professional Positions Included in the Salary Assessor
Account Analyst
Account Executive Advertising
Accountant Budget
Accountant Cost
Accountant Financial Analyst
Accountant Plant
Accountant Public
Accountant Tax
Actuary (Associate)
Actuary (Enrolled)
Administrator Benefits
Administrator Contract
Administrator Database
Administrator EDI
Administrator LAN/WAN
Administrator Systems
Administrator Trust
Administrator Unix
Administrator Web
Administrator Web Content
Administrator Wellness Program
Administrator Workers' Compensation
Adult Education Teacher
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Agent
Advisor Personnel
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Affirmative Action Specialist
Agent Business
Agent Patent
Agent Right-Of-Way
Agent Special Insurance
Agent Tariff Publishing
Agricultural Engineer
Air Analyst
Air Tester
Aircraft Flight Engineer
Aircraft Jet Copilot
Aircraft Pilot Jet
Aircraft Pilot Non-Jet
Airport Engineer
Analyst Air
Analyst Benefits
Analyst Budget
Analyst Business
Analyst Business E-Commerce
Analyst Business Systems
Analyst Communications
Analyst Compensation
Analyst Crime Laboratory
Analyst Data
Analyst Data Security
Analyst Database
Analyst Economic
Analyst Financial
Analyst Financial Accountant
Analyst Human Resources
Analyst Human Resources Information Systems
Analyst Insurance Research
Analyst Internet Traffic
Analyst Inventory
Analyst Investment
Analyst Job
Analyst Job Classification
Analyst Loan Review
Analyst Market Research
Analyst Methods & Procedures
Analyst Occupational
Analyst Operations Research
Analyst Organization
Analyst Planning
Analyst Product Design
Analyst Programmer
Analyst Programmer Bioinformatics
Analyst Quality Assurance
Analyst Rate
Analyst Search Engine Optimization
Analyst Securities
Analyst Senior Economic
Analyst Social Networking
Analyst Stress
Analyst Traffic Rate
Analyst User Support
Anchor Person
Animal Scientist
Animal Warden
Appraiser Art
Appraiser Commercial
Aquatic Biologist
Architect Data
Architect Database
Architect Java
Architect Landscape
Architect Marine
Art Appraiser
Artifacts Conservator
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Atmospheric Scientist
Attorney (General)
Attorney Corporate
Attorney Patent
Attorney Practicing
Attorney Staff
Attorney Tax
Auditor Information Systems
Auditor Internal
Author Web
Automobile Manufacturing Service Representative
Automotive Engineer
Banking Foreign-Exchange Dealer
Banking Head of Trust
Banking Investment Analyst
Banking Loan Officer Commercial
Banking Loan Officer Consumer
Banking Loan Officer General
Banking Loan Review Analyst
Banking Teller Foreign Banknotes
Banking Trust Officer
Benefits Administrator
Benefits Analyst
Billing Analyst
Billing Coordinator
Bioinformatics Programmer Analyst
Biologist Aquatic
Breeder Plant
Budget Accountant
Budget Analyst
Business Agent
Business Analyst
Business Analyst E-Commerce
Business Broker
Business Development Analyst
Business Development Representative
Business Education Instructor
Business Systems Analyst
Buyer/Purchasing Agent
Cable Engineer Outside Plant
Call Center/Customer Service Trainer
Career School Instructor
Case Supervisor
Casework Supervisor
Casualty Insurance Underwriter
Catalog Librarian
Central Office Equipment Engineer
Ceramic Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Test Engineer
Chemist Biological
Chemist Clinical
Chemist Food
Chief Lobbyist
Child Development Specialist
City-Planning Engineer
Civil Engineer
Classification Job Analyst
Clergy Member
Clergy Member Head
Client Server Programmer
College/University Teacher
Commercial Appraiser
Commercial Artist
Commercial Broadcast Engineer
Commercial Designer
Commercial Loan Officer
Commercial Property Insurance Underwriter
Communications Analyst
Communications Engineer
Community Placement Worker
Compensation Analyst
Compliance Specialist
Conservator Artifacts
Construction Engineer
Construction Estimator
Construction Office Engineer
Consultant Education
Consultant Engineering
Consultant IT
Consumer Loan Officer
Consumer Services Consultant
Content Administrator Web
Contract Administrator
Contract Coordinator
Contract Specialist
Coordinator Contract
Coordinator Disaster Recovery
Coordinator Educational Resource
Coordinator Public Relations
Coordinator Technical Training
Coordinator Website
Copilot Jet
Copilot Non-Jet
Copy Editor
Copy Writer
Corporate Attorney
Corporate Tax Accountant
Corrosion Engineer
Cost Accountant
Cost Development Engineer
Cost Engineer Estimator
Cost Estimator
Counselor Dormitory
Counselor Educational
Crime Laboratory Analyst
Crop-Research Scientist
Customs Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Architect
Data Communications Analyst
Data Recovery Planner
Data Security Analyst
Data Security Coordinator
Database Administrator
Database Analyst
Database Architect
Database Design Analyst
Database Report Writer
Design Engineer
Design Engineer Product
Design Engineer Tool
Designer Commercial
Designer Graphic
Designer Industrial
Developer Flash
Development Disability Specialist
Development Engineer Software
Digital Archivist
Director Pastoral Services
Disabled Children Teacher
Disaster Recovery Coordinator
Disaster Recovery Planner
Document Imaging Supervisor
Documentation Engineer
Ecologist Forest
e-Commerce Business Analyst
e-Commerce Programmer
Economic Analyst
Economic Analyst Senior
Economist Corporate
EDI Administrator
EDI Specialist
Editor Copy
Editor Technical
Editorial Fact Checker
Editorial Writer
EDP Auditor
Education Consultant
Educational Counselor
Educational Resource Coordinator
Educational Specialist
EEO Specialist
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Test Engineer
Electrical Transmission Engineer
Electrolysis Engineer
Electronic Data Interchange Administrator
Electronic Data Interchange Specialist
Electronics Engineer
Electro-Optical Engineer
Elementary School Teacher
Employee Benefits Administrator
Employee Relations Representative
Employee Relations Specialist
Employee Training Specialist
Employment Interviewer
Employment Recruiter
Employment Recruiter Professional
Employment Representative
Engineer Aerodynamics
Engineer Aeronautical
Engineer Agricultural
Engineer Airport
Engineer Automotive
Engineer Cable Outside Plant
Engineer Central Office Equipment
Engineer Ceramic
Engineer Chemical
Engineer Chemical Test
Engineer City-Planning
Engineer Civil
Engineer Commercial Broadcast
Engineer Construction
Engineer Construction Office
Engineer Corrosion
Engineer Cost Development
Engineer Documentation
Engineer Electrical
Engineer Electrical Test
Engineer Electrolysis
Engineer Electronics
Engineer Electro-Optical
Engineer Environmental
Engineer Extractive Metallurgist
Engineer Facilities
Engineer Fire Protection
Engineer Flight
Engineer Hydraulic
Engineer Illuminating
Engineer Industrial
Engineer Logistics
Engineer Manufacturing
Engineer Marine
Engineer Materials
Engineer Mechanical
Engineer Mine Safety
Engineer Mining
Engineer Network
Engineer Nuclear
Engineer Nuclear Equipment Test
Engineer Nuclear Fuel Research
Engineer Nuclear Fuels Reclamation
Engineer Nuclear Safety
Engineer Optical
Engineer Outside Plant
Engineer Packaging
Engineer Petroleum
Engineer Photogrammetric
Engineer Physical Metallurgist
Engineer Plant
Engineer Pollution Control
Engineer Power Distribution
Engineer Power Systems
Engineer Power Transmission
Engineer Product Design
Engineer Product Development
Engineer Product Safety
Engineer Production
Engineer Programmer
Engineer Project
Engineer Quality Control
Engineer Radiation-Protection
Engineer Reliability
Engineer Research
Engineer Resource Recovery
Engineer Safety
Engineer Sanitary
Engineer Software
Engineer Soils
Engineer Standards
Engineer Structural
Engineer Submarine Cable
Engineer Telecommunications
Engineer Telephone Equipment
Engineer Test
Engineer Tool Design
Engineer Traffic
Engineer Transportation
Engineer Value
Engineer Waste Management
Engineer Water Transportation
Engineer Welding
Engineering Consultant
Engineering Cost Estimator
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Scientist
Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist
ERP Programmer
Estate Planner
Estimating Engineer
Estimator Cost
Estimator Engineering Cost
Evaluator Special Needs
Export/Import Analyst
Extractive Metallurgist
Facilities Engineer
Facilities Planner
Factory Engineer
Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst Accountant
Fire Protection Engineer
Flash Developer
Flight Engineer
Flight Mechanic
Flying Instructor (In-Flight)
Food Chemist
Food Scientist
Food Technologist
Forecaster Weather
Foreign-Exchange Dealer
Foreign-Exchange Trader
Forensic Science Technician
Forest Ecologist
Foundry Metallurgist
Foundry Technician
Game Warden
Geologist Petroleum
Government Affairs Representative
Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer
Head Minister
Head of Trust
Head Pastoral Care
Health-Physics Technician
Hearing Impaired Teacher
Help Desk Analyst
High School Teacher
Home Economist
Home Therapy Teacher
HR Analyst
HRIS Analyst
Human Resources Advisor
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst
Hydraulic Engineer
Illuminating Engineer
Import/Export Analyst
Industrial Designer
Industrial Engineer
Information Center Specialist
Information Processing Engineer
Information Systems Auditor
Inspector Mine
Instructor Business Education
Instructor Flying (In-Flight)
Instructor Physical Education
Instructor Vocational Training
Insurance Research Analyst
Insurance Special Agent
Insurance Special Agent Group
Insurance Underwriter
Insurance Underwriter Commercial Property
Insurance Underwriter Life
Insurance Underwriter Personal Lines
Insurance Underwriter Property & Casualty
Intake Worker
Internal Auditor
Internet Traffic Analyst
Interviewer Employment
Inventory Analyst
Investment Analyst
IT Auditor
IT Bioinformatics Programmer Analyst
IT Business Systems Analyst
IT Client Server Programmer
IT Consultant
IT Data Analyst
IT Data Architect
IT Data Recovery Planner
IT Data Security Coordinator
IT Database Administrator
IT Database Analyst
IT Database Architect
IT e-Commerce Programmer
IT Electronic Data Interchange Specialist
IT ERP Programmer
IT Flash Developer
IT HRIS Analyst
IT Java Architect
IT LAN/WAN Administrator
IT Network Engineer
IT Procurement Administrator
IT Programmer Analyst
IT Quality Assurance Analyst
IT Scientific & Engineering Programmer
IT Scientist
IT Security Analyst
IT Security Specialist
IT Social Networking Analyst
IT Software Engineer
IT Systems Administrator
IT Systems Analyst
IT Systems Programmer
IT Unix Administrator
IT User Support Analyst
IT Web Administrator
IT Web Content Administrator
IT Web Developer
IT Web Technical Producer
IT Webmaster
IT Website Traffic Analyst
Java Architect
Jet Copilot
Jet Pilot
Job Analyst
Job Development Specialist
Labor Relations Representative
Labor Relations Specialist
Laboratory Assistant Metallurgical
LAN/WAN Administrator
LAN/WAN Analyst
Landscape Architect
Laser Engineer-Scientist
Lawyer Corporate
Lawyer Patent
Lawyer Practicing
Layout Artist
Layout Editor
Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel Corporate
Legislative Advocate
Librarian Cataloger
Librarian Technical
Library Supervisor
Life Insurance Underwriter
Linguist Scientific
Litigation Attorney
Loan Officer
Loan Officer Commercial
Loan Officer Consumer
Loan Review Analyst
Lobbyist Senior
Lobbyist Top
Local Area Network Administrator
Logistics Engineer
Logistics Manager
Logistics Specialist
Long-Range Planning Analyst
Management Configuration Analyst
Management Engineering Supervisor
Manager Logistics
Manager Website
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Service Representative Automobile
Marine Architect
Marine Biologist
Marine Engine Mechanic
Marine Engineer
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Associate
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Representative
Marketing Specialist
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Mathematical Statistician
Mechanic Flight
Mechanic Marine Engine
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Compliance Specialist
Medical Equipment Planning Specialist
Medical School Psychologist
Medical Social Researcher
Medical Veterinarian
Medical Wellness Administrator
Medical Writer
Metallurgical Laboratory Assistant
Metallurgist Extractive
Metallurgist Extractive Engineer
Metallurgist Foundry
Metallurgist Physical
Metallurgist Process
Methods & Procedures Analyst
Mine Engineer
Mine Inspector
Mine Safety Engineer
Mining Engineer
Minister Head
Monitor Radiation
Municipal Bonds Underwriter
Museums Teacher
Music Teacher
Network Architect
Network Engineer
Network Planning Analyst
News Anchor
Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Equipment Test Engineer
Nuclear Fuels Reclamation Engineer
Nuclear Fuels Research Engineer
Occupational Analyst
Operating Systems Programmer
Operations Research Analyst
Optical Engineer
Optical Scientist
Organization Analysis Supervisor
Organization Analyst
Outside Plant Engineer
Packaging Engineer
Pastoral Care Head
Pastoral Services Director
Patent Agent
Patent Attorney
Pathologist Plant
Personal Lines Insurance Underwriter
Personnel Advisor
Personnel Analyst
Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Geologist
Photogrammetric Engineer
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Metallurgist
Physical Metallurgist Engineer
Physicist BS
Physicist PhD
Pilot Corporate Non-Jet
Pilot Jet
Placement Interviewer
Planner Disaster Recovery
Planner Estate
Planner Facilities
Planner Long-Range
Planner Production
Planner Urban
Planning Analyst
Plant Accountant
Plant Breeder
Plant Engineer
Plant Pathologist
Political Scientist
Pollution Control Engineer
Power Distribution Engineer
Power Systems Engineer
Power Transmission Engineer
Practicing Attorney
Pricing Analyst
Primary School Teacher
Process Design Analyst
Procurement Analyst
Product Design Analyst
Product Design Engineer
Product Development Engineer
Product Safety Engineer
Production Engineer
Production Estimator
Production Planner
Production Scheduler
Professional Recruiter
Professor Assistant
Professor Associate
Programmer Analyst
Programmer Analyst Bioinformatics
Programmer Client Server
Programmer e-Commerce
Programmer Engineer
Programmer ERP
Programmer Midrange
Programmer Quality Assurance
Programmer Systems
Project Coordinator Web
Project Engineer
Property & Casualty Underwriter Insurance
Property Investor
Psychologist School
Public Accountant
Public Relations Coordinator
Public Relations Representative
Purchase Price Analyst
Purchasing Agent
Quality Assurance Analyst
Quality Assurance Programmer
Quality Assurance Technician
Quality Control Engineer
Radiation Monitor
Radiation-Protection Engineer
Rate Analyst
Rate Analyst Traffic
Real Estate Analyst
Real Estate Appraiser Commercial
Real Estate Attorney
Recruiter Insurance Agent
Recruiter Professional
Regulatory Administrator
Regulatory Affairs Analyst
Reliability Engineer
Relocation Agent
Relocation Specialist
Representative Automobile Manufacturing Service
Representative Employee Relations
Representative Employment
Representative Labor Relations
Representative Marketing
Representative Public Relations
Representative Training
Representative Veterans
Research Analyst Insurance
Research Analyst Market
Research Analyst Operations
Research Chemist
Research Consultant
Research Engineer
Researcher Scientific
Researcher Social Medical
Residence Counselor
Resource Recovery Engineer
Resource Teacher
Right-of-Way Agent
Safety Consultant
Safety Engineer
Safety Engineer Mine
Safety Engineer Nuclear
Safety Engineer Product
Safety Inspector Mine
Salary & Wage Analyst
Sales-Service Promoter
Sanitary Engineer
Scheduler Production
School Psychologist
Scientific & Engineering Programmer
Scientific Linguist
Scientific Researcher
Scientist Animal
Scientist Atmospheric
Scientist Crop-Research
Scientist Environmental
Scientist Food
Scientist Materials
Scientist Optical-Laser
Scientist Political
Scientist Soil
Screen Writer
Screen-play Writer
Script Writer
Search Engine Optimization Analyst
Secondary School Teacher
Securities Analyst
Security Consultant
Security Data Analyst
Security Officer
Security Systems Consultant
Service Representative Automobile Manufacturing
Social Medical Researcher
Social Networking Analyst
Social Networking Specialist
Social Service Caseworker
Social Service Worker
Social Work Consultant Casework
Social Work Unit Supervisor
Social Worker
Software Developer
Software Developer Lead
Software Engineer
Software Implementation Specialist
Soil Scientist
Soils Engineer
Special Agent Group Insurance
Special Agent Insurance
Special Education Teacher
Special Needs Evaluator
Staff Attorney
Standards Engineer
Statistical Analyst
Statistician Mathematical
Statistician Theoretical
Strategic Planning Analyst
Stress Analyst
Structural Engineer
Submarine Cable Engineer
Supervisor Document Imaging
Supervisor Library
Supervisor Management Engineering
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Systems Analyst Business
Systems Analyst Hardware
Systems Programmer
Tariff Publishing Agent
Tax Accountant
Tax Attorney
Teacher (Visually Impaired Students)
Teacher Adult Education
Teacher College/University
Teacher Elementary School
Teacher Hearing Impaired
Teacher Home Therapy
Teacher Museums
Teacher Music
Teacher Physical Education
Teacher Resource
Teacher Secondary School
Teacher Special Education
Teacher Visually Impaired
Technical Consultant
Technical Editor
Technical Librarian
Technical Product Editor
Technical Training Coordinator
Technician Forensic Science
Technician Foundry
Technician Health-Physics
Technician Hydrographer
Technologist Food
Technologist Wood
Telecommunications Analyst
Telecommunications Engineer
Telephone Equipment Engineer
Teller Foreign Banknotes
Test Engineer
Test Engineer Chemical
Tester Air
Theoretical Statistician
Tool Design Engineer
Top Lobbyist
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Rate Analyst
Training Consultant
Training Coordinator Technical
Training Instructor
Training Representative
Transmission Line Engineer
Transportation Engineer
Treasury Analyst
Trust Administrator
Trust Head
Trust Officer
Underwriter Bonds Municipal
Underwriter Casualty Insurance
Underwriter Commercial Property Insurance
Underwriter Life Insurance
Underwriter Property & Casualty Insurance
University/College Teacher
Unix Administrator
Urban Planner
User Support Analyst
Utility Regulatory Administrator
Value Engineer
Veterans Contact Representative
Veterans Counselor
Video Game Programmer
Vocational Teacher (Disabled Students)
Vocational Training Instructor
Wage & Salary Analyst
Warden Game
Waste Management Engineer
Water Transportation Engineer
Weather Forecaster
Web Administrator
Web Author
Web Content Administrator
Web Developer
Web Marketing Analyst
Web Project Coordinator
Web Technical Producer
Website Artist
Website Coordinator
Website Developer
Website Manager
Website Traffic Analyst
Welding Engineer
Wellness Program Administrator
Wide Area Network Administrator
Wood Technologist
Workers' Compensation Administrator
Workers' Compensation Manager
Writer Copy
Writer Editorial
Writer Screen
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