Nonprofit Compensation Data

  • Calculate average competitive compensation levels, along with user-selected ranges and percentiles, for 100 nonprofit executive job titles and functions
  • Search, rank and sort by subsector, geographic area, date and size (revenue, assets or grants)
  • Provide benchmarks for compensation planning from the most recent publicly available data
  • Retrieve historic data for more than 200,000 organizations and over 23 million lines of data, some starting in 2002
  • Access source documents with one click, including the most recently digitized Forms 990, 990-EZ and 990-PF
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Business Services Contractor
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operations Job
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Eighth Highest Paid Executive
Eighth Highest Paid Position
Executive Director
Executive Director CEO
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Vice President
Fifth Highest Paid Executive
Fifth Highest Paid Position
Financial Top Officer
Foundation Donor
Fourth Highest Paid Executive
Fourth Highest Paid Position
Group Vice President
Highest Paid Executive
Highest Paid Position
Human Resources Top Officer
Manager/Supervisor Art
Marketing & Sales Top Officer
Medical Psychiatrist
Medical Top Professional Service Executive
Ninth Highest Paid Executive
Ninth Highest Paid Position
Nursing Top Executive
Personnel Top Officer
President & Chief Operating Officer
Sales & Marketing Top Officer
Second Highest Paid Executive
Second Highest Paid Position
Senior Vice President
Seventh Highest Paid Executive
Seventh Highest Paid Position
Sixth Highest Paid Executive
Sixth Highest Paid Position
Supervisor/Manager Art
Tax-Exempt Board Chair
Tax-Exempt Board Member
Tenth Highest Paid Executive
Tenth Highest Paid Position
Third Highest Paid Executive
Third Highest Paid Position
Top Administrative Job
Top Administrative Position
Top Artistic Position
Top Athletics Position
Top Business Job
Top Business Position
Top Customer Member Service Job
Top Customer Member Service Position
Top Development Job
Top Development Position
Top Education Job
Top Education Position
Top Engineering Position
Top Environmental Animal & Agricultural Position
Top Facilities Job
Top Financial Job
Top Financial Officer
Top Financial Position
Top Fund Raising Executive
Top Fund Raising Position
Top Government Affairs Position
Top HR Job
Top HR Position
Top Human Resources Job
Top Human Resources Officer
Top Human Resources Position
Top Job
Top Legal Job
Top Legal Position
Top Marketing & Sales Job
Top Marketing & Sales Officer
Top Marketing & Sales Position
Top Materials Position
Top Medical Professional Service Executive
Top Nursing Position
Top Operations Officer
Top Operations Position
Top PR Position
Top Position
Top Product Manufacturing Position
Top Programs Job
Top Programs Position
Top Psychiatric Position
Top Public Relations Job
Top Public Relations Position
Top Purchasing Position
Top Real Estate Position
Top Religious Position
Top Research Position
Top Risk Management Position
Top Sales & Marketing Officer
Top Services Position
Top Technology Job
Top Technology Officer
Top Technology Position
Top Technology R&D Executive
Top Transportation Position
Vice President Executive
Vice President Finance
Vice President Human Resources
Vice President Marketing & Sales
Vice President Operations

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