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ERI's Relocation Assessor® is used by thousands of companies to compare cost-of-living levels in over 11,300 areas worldwide. This demo edition provides access to a limited dataset for product evaluation purposes. An ERI representative will contact you with an offer to see the entire program free of charge. If you would like a report for personal rather than business purposes please click here. If you are looking for free salary and cost of living reports suitable for personal use, please see
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Data in the cost of living calculator is derived from 747 OES locations and assumes typical spending patterns. In order to generate detailed reports suitable for creating cost of living differentials and relocating employees, please consult ERI's Relocation Assessor. The Relocation Assessor calculates the total cost of a bundle of products specified by the user, including: rental rates, housing prices, income taxes, property taxes, gasoline prices, medical costs/services, major retail grocery and drug store prices, etc. Cost-of-living differentials, as reported by ERI, reflect cost models at different income levels (e.g., an auto of "x" value driven "x" miles/kilometers, home rental with no mortgage income tax deductions, home ownership with income tax mortgage deductions, etc...). Local wages and salaries do not indicate the local cost of living. Cost of living indicates the comparable local buying power for any given salary. In most cases, cost of living is considered only when an employee incurs new expenses due to an "internal" move, from one branch office to another. In this situation, the new salary would be set according to the destination market (local wage and salary level).

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This tool shows a student's cost of living (COL) for consumables in any of over 11,300 United States, Canada and international living locations.

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