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ERI's Relocation Assessor® & COL Survey is a desktop software application that compares cost-of-living levels in over 11,300 areas. HR professionals and consultants utilize this software to calculate relocation bonuses (or salary adjustments) for transferred employees. Relationships are derived from thousands of cost of living data points gathered via ERI's provision of web services, digitization of public records, ERI Salary Surveys patented online surveys, and other licensed UK, Canadian, US and international cost of living datasets.

Create unlimited numbers of detailed two-city cost-of-living comparison reports in-house with this database program. The Assessor is available in 2 versions - Professional (for US and Canada COL analyses) and Consultant (for worldwide plant relocation labor cost analyses, costing proposed HR policy changes, and international COL comparisons).

Cost-of-living comparison information for employee relocation planning
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Professional Edition Relocation Assessor (RA) is for wage and salary planning. Features include:

  • View cost-of-living differentials for almost 8,300 US and Canadian cities
  • Create unlimited numbers of printed reports customized with your name/address
  • Select any geographic Base City (headquarters or national average) as your yardstick
  • Vary input for an employee's earnings/spending level, home size, home ownership (US and Canada only) or rental, family size, number of automobiles, distances driven, and automobile value
  • Contrast cost-of-living for multiple earnings levels in up to 99 cities at a time as compared to a base area (e.g. headquarters) or a National Average
  • Calculate values for 5 different earnings levels (for renters) via tables that can be sorted/exported
  • Compare cities individually or grouped into user-defined locations based on commuting distance of the local labor pool (areas may be defined as "within a radius" as research data is indexed to longitude, latitude, and postal codes)
  • Review breakouts of data for a city by examining suburb costs (housing, the major variable)
  • Utilize the National Average (or state) as a Base City and compare trends by location
  • Analyze published per diem rates for temporary relocation allowances as compared to COL
  • Select/use any currency; receive dataset updates each quarter (in January, April, July, and October of each annual subscription) via Internet download or mailed DVD
  • $969/annual subscription
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Example screens:

View a Two-City Comparison of Costs View a Two-City Comparison with Home Ownership
View a Two-City Comparison of Costs View a Two City Comparison with Home Ownership
Create a Benchmark List of Branch Offices Costs Review ERI's US CONUS Estimated Shortfalls
Create a Benchmark List of Branch Offices Costs Review ERI's US CONUS Estimated Shortfalls
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Consultant Edition Relocation Assessor (RA+) & COL Survey is for in-depth research for consulting, compliance, or compensation planning. Cost-of-living differences between areas reflect the demand & supply of goods & services; geographic salary differentials reflect the demand & supply of labor. That said, pay differentials appear to mirror COL differences slightly more than in the past. See ERI's White Paper. Other features include:

  • All Professional Edition RA data and features, plus sophisticated analyses tools
  • Includes COL data for 196 additional countries; expanding the number of city/areas to over 11,000
  • International analyses are for renters only; review tax equalization options available for international relocations; review and alter (if necessary) the effective national and local income rates used
  • Select an organization and review the impact on labor (borrowed from both the Geographic & Salary Assessors), benefits, and other costs when contemplating relocating a plant or office
  • Tap into online international data sources, including public domain data from ERI and CIA
  • Rank, sort, save, load, export and/or retrieve; consultants may private-label reports
  • $2,489/annual subscription
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Example Screens

Quickly Share Analyses with Clients/Employees Fine-tune International Analyses with Tax Equalization
Quickly Share Analyses with Clients/Employees Fine-tune International Analyses with Tax Equalization
Select Cities by Country, Province, Radius, City Export Reports to Spreadsheets or Text Files
Select Cities by Country, Province, Radius, City Assess the Labor Cost Impact of a Plant/Office Relocation
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