Overtime Exemption Testing Edition

  • Ability to select any of over 19,000 position titles to initiate an analysis
  • Analyze job availability statistics and lists of potential jobs
  • Alter measures and comments as required to preserve job history rationales
  • Review FLSA's 11 bright-line classification measures (standard deviations) based on hundreds of thousands of job analyses

Disability Determination Edition

  • Identify an individual’s previous jobs, training, skills and experience
  • Change job measures as required (to indicate an individual’s limitations due to injury or other circumstances)
  • Review the raw source data
  • Review lists of potential jobs and job availability statistics
  • Review local employers and job board postings
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To filter the list of titles please choose a letter below.
A&P Mechanic
Abalone Diver
Able Bodied Seaman
Able Seaman
Abnormal Psychologist
Abrading Machine Tender
Abrasive Band Winder
Abrasive Blasting Equipment Operator
Abrasive Coating Machine Operator
Abrasive Grader
Abrasive Grader Helper
Abrasive Grinder
Abrasive Mixer
Abrasive Mixer Helper
Abrasive Products Sales Representative
Abrasive Sawyer
Abrasive Water Jet Cutter Operator
Abrasive Wheel Molder
Absorption & Adsorption Engineer
Absorption Operator
Absorption Plant Operator Helper
Abstract Checker
Abstract Clerk
Abstract Manager
AC Specialist
Academic Affairs Executive
Academic Support Coordinator
Academic Vice President
Accelerator Operator
Access Coordinator Cable Television
Accessories Repairer
Accident Prevention Squad Police Officer
Accordion Maker
Accordion Repairer
Accordion Tuner
Account Analyst
Account Classification Clerk
Account Director
Account Executive Advertising
Account Executive Field Sales Representative
Account Information Clerk
Account Installation Specialist Associate
Account Installation Supervisor
Account Manager Client Services
Account Manager Sales
Account Sales Representative
Account Services Director
Account Supervisor
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Accountant 4
Accountant 5
Accountant 6
Accountant Budget
Accountant Cost
Accountant Machine Processing
Accountant Plant
Accountant Systems
Accountant Tax
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Clerk Bookkeeper
Accounting Clerk Lead
Accounting Clerk Supervisor
Accounting Coordinator
Accounting Cost Manager
Accounting Data Technician
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Services Sales Representative
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Supervisor (General)
Accounting Supervisor (Professional)
Accounting System Expert
Accounting Teacher
Accounting Teacher Secondary School
Accounts Adjustable Clerk
Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk
Accounts Payable & Receivable Manager
Accounts Payable Analyst
Accounts Payable Assistant
Accounts Payable Clerk
Accounts Payable Manager
Accounts Payable Processor
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Analyst
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Accounts Receivable Manager
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Acetaldehyde Converter Operator
Acetone Button Paster
Acetone Recovery Worker
Acetylene Cylinder Packing Mixer
Acetylene Plant Operator
Acetylene Welder
Acid Adjuster
Acid Bath Mixer
Acid Bath Tender
Acid Blower
Acid Changer
Acid Conditioner
Acid Correction Hand
Acid Crane Operator
Acid Cutter
Acid Dipper
Acid Dumper
Acid Extractor
Acid Filler
Acid Leveler
Acid Loader
Acid Maker
Acid Plant Helper
Acid Polymerization Operator
Acid Pumper
Acid Purifier
Acid Strength Inspector
Acid Supervisor
Acid Tank Cleaner
Acid Tank Liner
Acid Treater
Acid Wash Operator
Acid Washer Operator
Acidizer Helper
Acidizer Water Well
Acoustical Carpenter
Acoustical Logging Engineer
Acoustical Material Worker
Acquisition Specialist
Acrobatic Dancer
Acrobatic Rigger
Acting Professor
Activities Director
Activity Aide
Actuarial Analyst
Actuarial Executive
Actuarial Head
Actuarial Services Director
Actuary (Associate)
Actuary (Enrolled)
Actuary (Fellow)
Actuary 1
Actuary Casualty
Actuary Life
Acupuncture Doctor
Acute Care Unit Nurse Manager
Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse
Ad Clerk
Ad Hoc Arbitrator
Ad Terminal Makeup Operator
Additive Plant Operator
Address Change Clerk
Addressing Clerk
Addressing Machine Operator
Adhesion Tester
Adhesive Bandage Machine Operator
Adhesive Primer
Adjudicator Claims
Adjudicator Claims a
Adjudicator Claims c
Adjunct Instructor
Adjuster Alarm Mechanism
Adjuster Electrical Contacts
Administration Branch Manager Banking
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Special Education
Administrative Clerk
Administrative Director
Administrative Engineering Director
Administrative Engineering Manager
Administrative Engineering Supervisor
Administrative Office Supervisor
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Services Manager
Administrative Supervisor
Administrative Supervisor Nursing
Administrative Vice President
Administrator Assisted Living Facility
Administrator College
Administrator Database
Administrator EDI
Administrator Fitness Center
Administrator LAN/WAN
Administrator Medical Practice
Administrator Medical Records
Administrator MRI Center
Administrator Payroll
Administrator School (Primary/High School)
Administrator Skilled Nursing Facility
Administrator Social Welfare
Administrator Unix
Administrator Web
Administrator Web Content
Admissions Advisor
Admissions Clerk
Admissions Coordinator
Admissions Director
Admissions Director (College or University)
Admissions Evaluator
Admissions Manager
Admissions Sales Representative
Admitting Coordinator Hospital
Admitting Head Hospital
Admitting Manager
Admitting Specialist
Admitting Supervisor Hospital
Adobe Ball Mixer
Adobe Maker
Adsorption & Absorption Engineer
Adult Day Care Director
Adult Education Teacher
Advance Agent
Advanced Professional Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Advertising & Public Relations Assistant
Advertising & Public Relations Manager
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Agency Manager
Advertising Agency President
Advertising Agent
Advertising Clerk
Advertising Consultant
Advertising Coordinator
Advertising Director
Advertising Dispatch Clerk
Advertising Display Rotator
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager Trainee
Advertising Material Distributor
Advertising Promotions Coordinator
Advertising Retoucher
Advertising Sales Director
Advertising Sales Executive
Advertising Sales Manager
Advertising Sales Representative
Advertising Space Clerk
Advertising Specialist
Advertising Studio Coordinator
Advertising Studio Director
Advertising Studio Manager
Advertising Supervisor
Advertising Top Officer
Adzing & Boring Machine Feeder
Adzing & Boring Machine Helper
Adzing & Boring Machine Operator
Aerial Applicator Pilot
Aerial Navigator
Aerial Photograph Interpreter
Aerial Planting & Cultivation Manager
Aerial Tram Operator
AERIe Specialist
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aeronautical Design Engineer
Aeronautical Drafter
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical Project Engineer
Aeronautical Research Engineer
Aeronautical Sales Engineer
Aeronautical Test Engineer
Aeronautics Commission Director
Aerosol Line Operator
Aerospace Document Control Coordinator
Aerospace Physiological Technician
Aerospace Project Engineer
Affirmative Action Specialist
Agate Setter
Agent Athlete
Agent Business
Agent Contract Clerk
Agent Import/Export
Agent Insurance Claims
Agent Licensing Clerk
Agent Patent
Agent Reservations
Agent Right-Of-Way
Agent Telegrapher
Agent Ticket
Agent Travel
Agents Records Clerk
Ager Operator
Ager Operator Tender
Ager Tender
Aging Department Supervisor
Aging Room Operator
Agitator Operator
Agri Business Agent
Agricultural Agent
Agricultural Aircraft Pilot
Agricultural Chemicals Inspector
Agricultural Commodity Grading Supervisor
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Engineering Technician
Agricultural Extension Specialist
Agricultural Labor Camp Manager
Agricultural Products Sales Representative
Agricultural Research Engineer
Agricultural Services Director
Agricultural Services Sales Representative
Agricultural Sorter
Agricultural Supervisor Assembly
Agriculture Equipment Test Technician
Agriculture Scout
Agriculture Still Operator
Agriculture Supervisor Inspection
Agronomy Products Sales Representative
Aide - Developmental Disabilities
Aide Dietary
Aide Home Care
Aide Housekeeping
Aide Laboratory
Aide Occupational Therapy
Aide Operating Room
Aide Physical Therapy
Aide Psychiatric
Aide Teacher
Aides Supervisor
Air & Hydronic Balancing Technician
Air & Water Filler
Air & Water Tester
Air Ambulance Paramedic
Air Analyst
Air Bag Curer
Air Carrier Electronics Inspector
Air Carrier Operations Inspector
Air Compressor Mechanic
Air Compressor Operator
Air Compressor Operator Stationary
Air Conditioning Coil Assembler
Air Conditioning Installer (Residential)
Air Conditioning Installer Servicer Helper Window Unit
Air Conditioning Mechanic Helper Industrial
Air Conditioning Specialist
Air Conditioning Technician
Air Conditioning Technician Engineering
Air Conditioning Unit Tester
Air Control Tender
Air Drier Machine Operator
Air Filler
Air Furnace Operator
Air Hammer Stripper
Air Hole Driller
Air Intelligence Specialist
Air Pilot
Air Purifier Servicer
Air Quality Control Specialist
Air Table Operator
Air Tank Assembler
Air Tester
Air Traffic Control Specialist Center
Air Traffic Control Specialist Station
Air Traffic Control Specialist Tower
Air Traffic Control Supervisor
Air Traffic Controller
Air Transport Superintendent Maintenance
Air Transportation Dispatcher
Air Transportation Sales Representative
Air Transportation Station Manager
Air Transportation Traffic Manager
Air Tucker
Air Turning Machine Feeder
Air Valve Repairer
Airborne Sensor Specialist
Airbrush Artist
Airbrush Artist Photography
Airbrush Artist Technical
Aircraft & Engine Electrician Field & Hangar
Aircraft & Engine Mechanic Field & Hangar
Aircraft Armament Mechanic
Aircraft Armorer
Aircraft Body Repairer
Aircraft Charter Dispatcher
Aircraft Delivery Checker
Aircraft Engine Assembler
Aircraft Engine Cylinder Mechanic
Aircraft Engine Dismantler
Aircraft Engine Installer
Aircraft Engine Mechanic
Aircraft Engine Mechanic Overhaul
Aircraft Engine Sales Representative
Aircraft Equipment & Parts Sales Representative
Aircraft Field Service Engineer
Aircraft Flight Engineer
Aircraft Inspection Record Clerk
Aircraft Inspector
Aircraft Instrument Inspector
Aircraft Jet Copilot
Aircraft Launch & Recovery Technician
Aircraft Log Clerk
Aircraft Maintenance Manager
Aircraft Maintenance Person
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Mechanic Armament
Aircraft Mechanic Electrical
Aircraft Mechanic Electrical & Radio
Aircraft Mechanic Environmental Control System
Aircraft Mechanic for Props
Aircraft Mechanic Jet
Aircraft Mechanic Plumbing & Hydraulics
Aircraft Mechanic Rigger
Aircraft Mechanic Rigging & Controls
Aircraft Mechanic Structures
Aircraft Mock Up Builder
Aircraft Model Maker
Aircraft Molder
Aircraft Navigator
Aircraft Photographic Equipment Mechanic
Aircraft Pilot
Aircraft Pilot Jet
Aircraft Pilot Non-Jet
Aircraft Sales Representative
Aircraft Shipping Checker
Aircraft Skin Burnisher
Aircraft Stress Analyst
Aircraft Supervisor Inspection
Aircraft Time Clerk
Airdox Fitter
Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic
Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic Apprentice
Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic Helper
Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic Line Services
Air-Freight Agent
Airline Manager- Baggage
Airline Manager- Maintenance
Airline Manager- Ramp
Airline Manager- Scheduling
Airline Manager- Ticketing
Airline Radio Operator
Airline Radio Operator Chief
Airline Security Representative
Airplane Cabin Attendant
Airplane Charter Clerk
Airplane Coverer
Airplane Dispatch Clerk
Airplane Flight Attendant
Airplane Gas Tank Liner Assembler
Airplane Inspector
Airplane Mechanic
Airplane Mechanic Apprentice
Airplane Mechanic Helper
Airplane Pilot
Airplane Pilot Chief
Airplane Pilot Crop Dusting
Airplane Pilot Helper
Airplane Pilot Photogrammetry
Airplane Rental Clerk
Airport Attendant
Airport Baggage Handler
Airport Control Operator
Airport Electrician
Airport Engineer
Airport Maintenance Chief
Airport Manager
Airport Safety & Security Duty Officer
Airport Safety & Security Officer
Airport Utility Worker
Aitchbone Breaker
Alarm Investigator
Alarm Operator
Alarm Signal Monitor
Alberene Stone Setter
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assistance Program Administrator
Alcohol Abuse Counselor
Alcohol Still Operator
Aligner Barrel & Receiver
Aligner Typewriter
Aligning Checker
Alignment Mechanic
All Around Gear Machine Operator
Allergy Specialist
Alley Tender
Alligator Shear Operator
Almond Blancher Hand
Almond Blancher Operator
Almond Cutting Machine Tender
Almond Grinder
Almond Huller
Almond Pan Finisher
Almond Paste Mixer
Almond Paste Molder
Almond Roaster
Almond Sorter
Alodize Machine Helper
Alodize Machine Operator
Alteration Inspector
Alteration Tailor
Alterations Workroom Clerk
Alterer Apprentice
Alum Mixer
Alum Plant Operator
Alumina Plant Supervisor
Aluminum Container Tester
Aluminum Foil Spooling Machine Operator
Aluminum Hydroxide Process Operator
Aluminum Pool Installer
Aluminum Products Sales Representative
Aluminum Siding Installer
Aluminum Supply Sales Representative
Alumni Affairs Director
Alumni Executive Director
Alumni Relations Officer
Alumni Secretary
Ambulance Attendant
Ambulance Driver
Ambulatory Care-Outpatient Surgery Center Head
Ambulatory Nurse Case Manager
Ambulatory Services Director
Ambulatory Surgery Director
Ammonia Operator
Ammonia Solution Preparer
Ammonia Still Operator
Ammonium Hydroxide Operator
Ammonium Nitrate Crystallizer
Ammonium Nitrate Neutralizer
Ammonium Sulfate Operator
Ammunition Supervisor
Amortization Schedule Clerk
Amphibian Crewmember
Ampoule Examiner
Ampoule Filler
Ampoule Filler & Sealer
Ampoule Sealer
Ampoule Washing Machine Operator
Amusement Diver
Amusement Dresser
Amusement Game Machine Coin Collector
Amusement Grip
Amusement Park Attendant
Amusement Park Entertainer
Amusement Park Worker
Amusement Producer
Amusement Racker
Amusement-Equipment Operator
Analyst Air
Analyst Benefits
Analyst Budget
Analyst Communications
Analyst Compensation
Analyst Computer Systems
Analyst Computer Systems Hardware
Analyst Credit
Analyst Data
Analyst Database
Analyst Economic
Analyst Financial
Analyst Food & Beverage
Analyst Formulary and Production
Analyst Gas
Analyst Geochemical Prospecting
Analyst Human Resources
Analyst Internet Traffic
Analyst Investment
Analyst Job
Analyst Job Classification
Analyst Loan Review
Analyst Market Research
Analyst Methods & Procedures
Analyst Occupational
Analyst Operations Research
Analyst Organization
Analyst Planning
Analyst Programmer
Analyst Programmer Bioinformatics
Analyst Rate
Analyst Reimbursement
Analyst Risk Management
Analyst Sales
Analyst Securities
Analyst Social Networking
Analyst Spectrographic
Analyst Standards
Analyst Stress
Analyst Traffic Rate
Analyst User Support
Analytical Chemist
Analytics Director
Analytics Manager
Anchor Tack Puller
Anchor Tacker
Ancillary Executive Medical/Top Support
Ancillary Services Executive
Ancillary Services Head
Ancillary/Support Top Executive Medical
Android Developer
Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Anesthesiology Nurse
Angle Roll Operator
Angle Shear Operator
Animal Breeder
Animal Care Sales Representative
Animal Care Supervisor
Animal Care Technician
Animal Caretaker
Animal Control Officer
Animal Cytologist
Animal Eviscerator
Animal Hospital Clerk
Animal Humane Agent Supervisor
Animal Impersonator
Animal Keeper
Animal Keeper Head
Animal Nursery Worker
Animal Resource Technician
Animal Ride Attendant
Animal Ride Manager
Animal Scientist
Animal Shelter Clerk
Animal Shelter Manager
Animal Shelter Supervisor
Animal Technician Laboratory
Animal Trainer
Animal Training Sales Representative
Animal Treatment Investigator
Animal Warden
Animation Artist
Ankle Patch Molder
Annealer Old
Annealer Pot
Announcer International Broadcast
Announcer Radio & Television
Annual Gift Coordinator
Annual Gift Director
Annuities Customer Service Supervisor
Annuities Director
Annuities Representative
Annuities Supervisor
Annuity Services Director
Anode Assembly Cleaner
Anode Assembly Cleaner 2
Anode Builder
Anode Crew Supervisor
Anode Rebuilder
Antenna Installer
Antenna Installer Satellite Communications
Anthracene Operator
Anthropologist Physical
Antichecking Iron Worker
Antique Auto Museum Maintenance Worker
Antisqueak Applier
Antisqueak Chalker
Antisqueak Filler
Antitank Assault Gunner
Anvil Seating Press Operator
Apartment House Manager
Aperture Mask Etcher
Apex Trimmer
Apparatus Repair Mechanic
Apparel Rental Clerk
Apparel Spreader
Apparel Trimming Machine Operator
Appeals and Grievances Supervisor
Appeals Board Referee
Appeals Clerk
Appeals Manager
Appeals Nurse Specialist
Appeals Referee
Appeals Reviewer Veteran
Appeals Supervisor
Appellate Conferee
Appetizer Packer
Apple Packer
Apple Packing Header
Apple Picking Supervisor
Apple Sorter
Apple Washer
Appliance Assembler Line
Appliance Inspector
Appliance Painter & Refinisher
Appliance Repairer
Appliance Service Representative
Appliance Service Representative (Small)
Appliance Service Supervisor
Appliance Tester
Application Register Clerk
Applications Architect
Applications Development Director
Applications Engineer
Applications Engineer Manufacturing
Applications Programmer
Applications Programming Manager
Applications Programming Supervisor
Applications Support Specialist
Applications Systems Analyst
Applier Zigzag
Appointment Clerk
Appointment Coordinator
Appraisal Manager
Appraiser Aircraft
Appraiser Art
Appraiser Auditor
Appraiser Automobile Damage
Appraiser Boats & Marine
Appraiser Buildings
Appraiser Commercial
Appraiser DOT
Appraiser Irrigation Tax
Appraiser Land
Appraiser Oil & Water
Appraiser Personal Property
Appraiser Real Estate
Appraiser Residential
Appraiser Timber
Apprenticeship Consultant
Approach Table Operator
Apricot Packer
Apricot Washer
Apron Cleaner
Apron Scratcher
Aqua Ammonia Operator
Aquatic Biologist
Aquatic Facility Manager
Aquatic Performer
Aqueduct & Reservoir Keeper
Arbor Inspector
Arbor Press Operator
Arbor Press Operator a
Arc Cutter
Arc Trimmer
Arcade Attendant
Arc-Air Operator
Arch Cushion Press Operator
Arch Cushion Skiving Machine Operator
Arch Pad Cementer
Arch Support Technician
Architect Data
Architect Database
Architect Intern
Architect Java
Architect Landscape
Architect Marine
Architectural Drafter
Architectural Engineering Director
Architectural Job Captain
Architectural Project Manager
Architectural Renderer
Architectural Services Sales Representative
Area Coordinator
Area Development Consultant
Area Development Manager
Area Director Retail Chain Store
Area Representative
Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager Retail
Area Specialist
Armament Assembler
Armament Installer
Armature & Field Assembly Supervisor
Armature & Rotor Winder
Armature Balancer
Armature Bander
Armature Coil Winder
Armature Connector 2
Armature Connector Primary
Armature Repairer
Armature Straightener
Armature Tester
Armature Tester 2
Armature Tester c
Armature Varnisher
Armature Winder
Armature Winder Automotive
Armature Winder Helper Repair
Armature Winder Repair
Armhole & Shoulder Off Presser
Armhole Baster Jumpbasting
Armhole Feller Handstitching Machine
Armhole Raiser Lockstitch
Armhole Sew & Trim Operator Lockstitch
Armor Reconnaissance Specialist
Armored Cable Machine Operator
Armored Car Guard
Armored Car Guard & Driver
Armored Car Messenger
Armored Car Messenger (Non-Driver)
Armored Transport Services Manager
Armorer Technician
Armoring Machine Operator
Arranger Assembler
Arson Investigator
Art Appraiser
Art Conservator
Art Director
Art Manager
Art Metal Chair Assembler
Art Metal Designer
Art Metal Worker
Art Metal Worker Apprentice
Art Metal Worker Helper
Art Supervisor
Art Therapist
Artifacts Conservator
Artificial Breeding Distributor
Artificial Breeding Technician
Artificial Candy Maker
Artificial Flower Maker
Artificial Fly Tier
Artificial Foliage Arranger
Artificial Glass Eye Maker
Artificial Insemination Technician
Artificial Inseminator
Artificial Log Machine Operator
Artificial Pearl Maker
Artificial Plastic Eye Maker
Artificial Stone Setter
Artificial-Marble Worker
Artillery Maintenance Supervisor
Artillery or Naval Gunfire Observer
Artist & Repertoire Manager
Artist Color Separation
Artist Consultant
Artist Fashion
Artist Mannequin Coloring
Artist Scientific
Artist Suspect
Artist Woodblock
Artists Manager
Arts & Humanities Council Director
Asbestos Cloth Inspector
Asbestos Removal Worker
Asbestos Remover
Asbestos Shingle Inspector
Asbestos Shingle Shearing Machine Operator
Asbestos Siding Installer
Asbestos Wire Finisher
Asbestos Worker
ASP.NET Developer
Asparagus Grader & Buncher
Asparagus Sorter
Asphalt Coater
Asphalt Distributor Tender
Asphalt Heater Tender
Asphalt Machine Operator
Asphalt Paving Machine Operator
Asphalt Plant Worker
Asphalt Sales Representative
Assembler & Gluer Laminated Plastics
Assembler & Tester Electronics
Assembler & Wirer Industrial Equipment
Assembler Adjuster
Assembler Aircraft Plumbing & Hydraulics
Assembler Aircraft Power Plant
Assembler Aircraft Structures & Surfaces
Assembler Aluminum Boats
Assembler Arranger
Assembler Bicycle
Assembler Bicycle (Hand)
Assembler Billiard Table
Assembler Body
Assembler Bonding
Assembler Camper
Assembler Carbon Brushes
Assembler Cards & Announcements
Assembler Caterpillar Spider
Assembler Chassis
Assembler Clip on Sunglasses
Assembler Communications Equipment
Assembler Component
Assembler Convertible Top
Assembler Coolers
Assembler Corncob Pipes
Assembler Crimper
Assembler DC Field Ring
Assembler DC Field Yoke
Assembler Deck & Hull
Assembler Dielectric Heater
Assembler Dry Cell & Battery
Assembler Electrical Accessories
Assembler Electrical Accessories a
Assembler Electronics (General)
Assembler Electronics (Precision)
Assembler Engine
Assembler Equipment
Assembler Erector
Assembler Fabricator
Assembler Faucets
Assembler Filters
Assembler Filters Old
Assembler Final
Assembler Finger Buffs
Assembler Fishing Floats
Assembler Fitter
Assembler Flexible Leads
Assembler Fluorescent Lights
Assembler for Puller Over Hand
Assembler for Puller Over Machine
Assembler Garment Form
Assembler Gold Frame
Assembler Golf Wood Head
Assembler Ground Support Equipment
Assembler Handbags
Assembler Helper Internal Combustion Engine
Assembler Hydraulic Backhoe
Assembler Igniter
Assembler Incandescent Lights
Assembler Installer Cable Controlled Systems
Assembler Installer General
Assembler Installer Structures
Assembler Installer Wing Structures
Assembler Instrument Motors
Assembler Insulation & Flooring
Assembler Insulator
Assembler Internal Combustion Engine
Assembler Knife
Assembler Latches & Springs
Assembler Lawn & Garden Machinery
Assembler Lay Ups
Assembler Leather Goods 1
Assembler Leather Goods 2
Assembler Liquid Center
Assembler Manufacturing
Assembler Marking Devices
Assembler Mechanical Ordnance
Assembler Mechanical Pencils & Ballpoint Pens
Assembler Metal Bonding
Assembler Metal Buildings
Assembler Metal Furniture
Assembler Mining Machinery
Assembler Molded Frames
Assembler Motor Vehicle
Assembler Movement
Assembler Patient Lifting Device
Assembler Photographic Equipment
Assembler Piano
Assembler Ping Pong Table
Assembler Plastic Boats
Assembler Portable Oil Well Drilling Rig
Assembler Precision Mechanical
Assembler Printed Products
Assembler Product
Assembler Product (Bench)
Assembler Product (Machine)
Assembler Product a
Assembler Production
Assembler Production Line
Assembler Radio & Electrical
Assembler Rubber Footwear
Assembler Sandal Parts
Assembler Seat
Assembler Semiconductor
Assembler Show Motor
Assembler Skylights
Assembler Slide Fastener Stringers
Assembler Small Products
Assembler Solderer
Assembler Special Machines
Assembler Steam & Gas Turbines
Assembler Structural Production Line
Assembler Subassembly Vehicles
Assembler Surgical Garment
Assembler Toy Voices
Assembler Tractors
Assembler Transformer
Assembler Trim
Assembler Truck Trailer
Assembler Tubing
Assembler Type Bar & Segment
Assembler Unit
Assembler Utility Buildings
Assembler Watch Train
Assembler Wet Wash
Assembler Wire Group
Assembler Wire Mesh Gate
Assembling Inspector
Assembly Adjuster
Assembly Cleaner
Assembly Department Supervisor
Assembly Detailer
Assembly Hand
Assembly Inspector
Assembly Inspector Helper
Assembly Line Foreman
Assembly Line Inspector
Assembly Line Robot Operator
Assembly Loader
Assembly Machine Feeder
Assembly Machine Offbearer
Assembly Machine Operator
Assembly Machine Setup Mechanic
Assembly Machine Tender
Assembly Machine Tool Setter
Assembly Operator
Assembly Press Operator
Assembly Repairer
Assembly Supervisor
Assembly Technician
Assessor Collector Irrigation Tax
Asset Card Clerk
Assignment Clerk
Assignment Editor
Assignment Officer
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Administrative
Assistant Administrator Nursing Home
Assistant Auditor
Assistant Branch Manager
Assistant Business Development Representative
Assistant Buyer
Assistant Camera Operator
Assistant Certified Nurse
Assistant City Manager
Assistant Construction Superintendent
Assistant Controller
Assistant Cost Estimator
Assistant Designer
Assistant Director
Assistant Director Dining-Food Services CCRC or Nursing Home
Assistant Director Food Services CCRC or Nursing Home (Graduate Dietit
Assistant Director Food Services CCRC or Nursing Home (Non-Dietitian)
Assistant Director Of Nursing
Assistant Editor
Assistant Finance Director
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant General Manager Farm
Assistant General Manager- HMO
Assistant General Manager Road Production
Assistant Human Resource Manager
Assistant Human Resources Director
Assistant Kitchen
Assistant Library Director
Assistant Manager Banking Branch (Major Branch)
Assistant Manager Banking Branch (Minor Branch)
Assistant Manager Retail Store (Experience)
Assistant Manager Retail Store (Revenue)
Assistant Medical Director
Assistant Nurse
Assistant Nursing Home Administrator
Assistant Operations Manager
Assistant Pathologist
Assistant Plant Manager
Assistant Press Operator
Assistant Principal
Assistant Product Manager
Assistant Professor
Assistant Project Manager
Assistant Quantity Surveyor
Assistant Sales
Assistant Sales Manager
Assistant Signal Maintainer
Assistant Site Manager
Assistant Superintendent Transportation
Assistant Technical Director
Assistant Treasurer Corporate
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Video Editor
Assisted Living Administrator
Assisted Living Director
Associate Case Manager
Associate Consultant
Associate Director
Associate Editor
Associate Engineer
Associate Executive Director Operations
Associate Financial Analyst
Associate General Counsel
Associate Medical Director
Associate Product Manager
Associate Professor
Associate Project Manager
Association Membership Sales Representative
Assorter Laundry
Asst. Dir. of Dining-Food Svc CCRC or Nursing Home (non-Dietitian)
Astro Technician
Athlete Manager
Athletic Coach
Athletic Director
Athletic Trainer
Athletic Turf Worker
ATM Manager
ATM Specialist
Atmospheric Drier Tender
Atmospheric Scientist
Atomic Fuel Assembler
Atomizer Assembler
Attendance Clerk
Attendance Officer
Attendant Campground
Attendant Checkroom
Attendant Childrens Institution
Attendant Coin-Operated Laundry
Attendant Dark Room
Attendant Door
Attendant Flight
Attendant Lodging Facilities
Attendant Parking Station
Attendant Self Service Store
Attendant Tool Crib
Attendant Washroom
Attorney (General)
Attorney Corporate
Attorney Director Legal
Attorney Legal Manager
Attorney Legal Supervisor
Attorney Patent
Attorney Practicing
Attorney Staff
Attorney Tax
Auction Assistant
Auction Clerk
Auction Worker Livestock
Audio Coil Winder
Audio Engineer
Audio Operator
Audio Visual Equipment Rental Clerk
Audiovisual Equipment Operator
Audiovisual Librarian
Audiovisual Production Specialist
Audiovisual Repairer
Audiovisual Specialist
Audit & Compliance Director
Audit Clerk
Audit EDP Director
Audit EDP Manager
Audit EDP Supervisor
Audit Internal Manager
Audit Machine Operator
Audit Partner
Audit Supervisor
Auditing Director
Auditing Supervisor Internal
Auditor Assistant
Auditor County or City
Auditor Information Systems
Auditor Internal
Auditor Public
Auditor Tax
Auditor Top
Auger Machine Offbearer
Auger Press Operator
Auger Press Operator Manual Control
Auger Supervisor
Authorization Coordinator Insurance
Auto Body Painter
Auto Body Repairer Fiberglass
Auto Camp Attendant
Auto Dealership Manager
Auto Design Checker
Auto Design Detailer
Auto Glass Worker
Auto Mechanic Apprentice
Auto Production Machine Tender
Auto Roller
Auto Specialty Services Manager
Auto Technician Master
Auto Test Equipment Operator
Auto Top Mechanic
Autoclave Operator
Autoclave Operator 3
Autoclave Operator- Chemical
Autoclave Operator- Uranium
Automat Car Attendant
Automated Cutting Machine Operator
Automated Equipment Engineer Technician
Automatic Bandsaw Tender
Automatic Beading Lathe Operator
Automatic Casting Forging Machine Operator
Automatic Clipper & Stripper
Automatic Coil Winding Machine Operator
Automatic Component Insertion Operator
Automatic Door Mechanic
Automatic Equipment Technician
Automatic Fancy Machine Operator
Automatic Forming Machine Operator
Automatic Lathe Operator
Automatic Lathe Setter
Automatic Lathe Tender
Automatic Lehr Operator
Automatic Lump Making Machine Tender
Automatic Machine Attendant
Automatic Mold Sander
Automatic Nailing Machine Feeder
Automatic Pad Making Machine Operator
Automatic Pad Making Machine Operator Helper
Automatic Pattern Edger
Automatic Screw Machine Setter Swiss Type
Automatic Silk Screen Printer
Automatic Splicing Machine Operator
Automatic Spray Machine Operator
Automatic Stacker
Automatic Wheel Line Operator
Automatic Window Seat & Top Lift Repairer
Automobile & Truck Mechanic Apprentice
Automobile Accessories Installer
Automobile Accessory Salesperson
Automobile Air Conditioner Assembler
Automobile Body Customizer
Automobile Body Repair Chief
Automobile Body Repairer
Automobile Body Repairer Helper
Automobile Bumper Straightener
Automobile Club Safety Program Coordinator
Automobile Damage Appraiser
Automobile Detailer
Automobile Estimator
Automobile Final Inspector
Automobile Headlight Assembler
Automobile Light Assembler
Automobile Locator
Automobile Manufacturing Service Representative
Automobile Mechanic
Automobile Mechanic Apprentice
Automobile Mechanic Assistant
Automobile Mechanic Helper
Automobile Mechanic Radiator
Automobile Mechanic Supervisor
Automobile Model Maker
Automobile Parts Sales Representative
Automobile Racer
Automobile Radiator Mechanic
Automobile Radio Repairer
Automobile Refrigeration Mechanic
Automobile Rental Clerk
Automobile Repair Shop Manager
Automobile Sales Representative
Automobile Seat Cover & Convertible Top Installer
Automobile Seat Cover Installer
Automobile Self Serve Service Station Attendant
Automobile Service Station Manager
Automobile Service Station Mechanic
Automobile Service Writer
Automobile Spring Repairer
Automobile Taillight Assembler
Automobile Tester
Automobile Upholsterer
Automobile Upholsterer Apprentice
Automobile Upholstery Trim Installer
Automobile Washer Steam
Automobile Wrecker
Automotive Air Conditioner Installer
Automotive Cooling System Diagnostic Technician
Automotive Engineer
Automotive Engineering Technician
Automotive Fuel & Electrical Mechanic
Automotive Generator & Starter Repairer
Automotive Generator Repairer
Automotive Leasing Sales Representative
Automotive Maintenance Repairer
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Service Station Attendant
Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Service Tire Inspector
Automotive Services Manager
Automotive Starter Repairer
Automotive Technician Exhaust Emissions
Automotive Tire Tester
Automotive Tire Testing Supervisor
Auxiliary Equipment Operator
Auxiliary Equipment Tender
Aviation Safety Officer
Aviation Support Equipment Repairer
Avionics & Radar Technician
Avionics Mechanic
Avionics Technician
Avocado Packer
Awning Finisher
Awning Frame Maker
Awning Hanger
Awning Hanger Helper
Awning Maker
Awning Maker & Installer
Awning Spreader
Ax Sharpener
Axle & Frame Mechanic
Axle Inspector

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