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ERI's Executive Compensation Assessor® & Survey reports privately held and publicly traded companies remuneration levels with the ability to retrieve and review source documents. Over 500 job titles have been studied over time (many since 1977). Data are derived from 14,000 US publicly-traded corporations' proxies and 10-K annual reports (1994 to present), 8-Ks, digitized public records including the US SEC, Canadian SEDAR® Data, OCR of US IRS returns, ERI Salary Survey's patented online surveys, and licensed UK, Canadian, and US surveys and datasets.

ERI research saves subscribers time and expense, providing analyses for Board planning of annual cash compensation (salary plus short-term incentives), long-term incentives, equity awards, pensions, non-qualified deferred compensation, benefits and other executive allowances. This research represents the largest executive salary survey ever conducted. The Assessor is available in 2 versions - Professional (for US/Canada executive compensation planning) and Consultant (for use in SOX, litigation support, UK/Canada/EU analyses, and reasonable compensation analyses).

Report for-profit competitive management remuneration levels with the ability to retrieve and review source documents
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Professional Edition Executive Compensation Assessor (XA) is for executive compensation planning. Features include:

  • Select a graph "dot", the actual summary Compensation table appears; click on the "dot" and download the source proxy, annual report, and 10-K materials quickly.
  • View compensation ranges and means for 500 positions in over 370 US/Canadian areas.
  • Executive compensation data may be adjusted for geographic area, industry, organization size, pay strategy, and compensation valuation or planning date.
  • Expand analyses across 7,000 US city locations when used in conjunction with ERI's Geographic Assessor® labor cost software and databases; reset percentile definitions at any time.
  • Create a user-defined area representing the market area from which executive talent is recruited.
  • For tax-exempt compensation data, see ERI's new Nonprofit Comparables Assessor software.
  • Gain free access (with any active license code) to ERI's Salary Planning Survey, a unique merit increase survey tied to job function and skills, in addition to traditional area and industry analyses.
  • Perform an unlimited number of executive pay analyses; analyze comparables' financial reports.
  • Establish trends based upon compensation comparability data by selecting a peer group by executive job title, industry, location, and company size.
  • Quickly create a benchmark list of competitive rates for management positions as a primary analysis or an audit of other's work (for checking one's outsource or consultant's analyses).
  • Select up to five comparable organizations' summary proxy data to be included in any print report; consultants may private-label via software assists.
  • Edit and rewrite job descriptions (XA uses PAQ's updated eDOT job descriptions, under license).
  • Compensation tables are displayed and stored according to user specifications. Data may be ranked, sorted, printed, emailed, saved, and exported to other applications (Word, Excel, etc.).
  • View financial data for any group of comparable organizations, create appraisal averages.
  • $2,489/annual subscription
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Sample Screenshots:

Individual Job Profile - Annual Cash by Level Customized List of Benchmark Positions
Individual Job Profile - Direct Cash by Level Create Unlimited Numbers of Benchmark Listings
Review 6 Top Paid Jobs, Total Compensation Detail Quickly Review Peer Group Financials
CReview 6 Top Paid Jobs, Total Compensation Detail Quickly Review Comparables sharing SIC, Area, Size
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Consultant Edition Executive Compensation Assessor (XA+) & Survey is for use in SOX, litigation support, UK/Canada/EU analyses, and unreasonable compensation analyses or challenges. This research product has been used by the IRS National Appeals Office since 1989 and is often cited as a source in Federal Tax Court. Other features include:

  • All Professional Edition XA data and features plus sophisticated analyses tools.
  • Provides base salary, incentive, and total remuneration data for an additional 1,500 UK publicly traded corporations (data gathered manually from annual reports).
  • Quickly access a Black-Scholes Equity Valuation Tool.
  • Provides base salary, incentive, and total remuneration data for an additional 2,300 Canadian publicly traded corporations (under license from SEDAR).
  • Review reliability statistics (standard error and number of observations) provided to meet Daubert Challenge criteria in any US court.
  • Include other EU countries' compensation data (Germany's data since 2006, other countries slowly mandating executive remuneration disclosure); ERI adds this data as it becomes available.
  • Filter areas and countries in numerous ways (US only, US and Canada, UK only, etc.).
  • Review survey populations, alternate titles and job codes, currency, and standard error.
  • Access the full job descriptions with ability to edit and refine.
  • Review data from over 1,200 unique industry sectors defined in either eSIC, NTEE, NAICS, NACE and 26 other industry cross-referenced concordances and taxonomies.
  • $2,889/annual subscription
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Sample Screenshots

Select/Group/Analyze only Selected Companies Compare/Contrast/Filter within Canada
Select/Group/Analyze only Selected Companies Compare/Contrast/Filter within Canada
Quickly Access a Black-Scholes Comparables Analysis Compare/Contrast/Filter within UK or EU
Quickly Access a Black-Scholes Comparables Analysis Compare/Contrast/Filter within UK or EU
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