ERI Economic Research Institute was founded over 25 years ago to provide compensation, benefits, and Human Resource research for private and public organizations in the form of published reports and software database products. Revenues for ERI are earned solely from these cost-of-living and salary survey software and publication sales. ERI does not provide fee-for-service consulting.

ERI's research database software subscriptions are available to management, analysts and consultants and are now widely used by client organizations (thousands of corporate and consulting subscribers). Subscribers include corporate compensation, relocation, human resources, and other professionals, as well as independent consultants and counselors, and US and Canadian public sector administrators (including military, law enforcement, city/county, state/provincial, and federal government pay administrators). And with the introduction of the Occupational Assessor (eDOT) software, vocational rehabilitation counselors, forensic economists, immigration attorneys and a host of other niche professionals are now joining as subscribers. ERI analyses are not available to the general public.


The following compensation software products are available for purchase on an annual subscription basis.

Salary Assessor
ERI's Salary Assessor® software provides consensus salary ranges for more than 6,000 position titles as compiled from available published wage and salary survey sources. Estimates may be adjusted for user inputs of salary planning date, metro area, industry, and company size. The Salary Assessor software and databases include position descriptions for job matching. Benchmark listings for jobs by industry, as well as multiple area listings for a single job in up to 99 metro areas, are provided in summary listings. The Salary Assessor includes reliability statistics to meet a Daubert challenge.
Geographic Assessor
The Geographic Assessor® software and databases calculate salary and cost-of-living differentials between any of nearly 7,000 US and Canadian cities and neighborhoods. The Geographic Assessor summarizes both percentage and dollar differentials between any base city and up to 500 comparison cities at a time. Research for the Geographic Assessor software and databases focuses on the presentation of wage and salary structures for each geographic area based upon consensus regression analyses of salary surveys, and also incorporates summary cost-of-living data from the Relocation Assessor® software and databases. Users can create immigration prevailing wage reports and analyze potential overpayments using data from the US OES survey.
Relocation Assessor
The Relocation Assessor® software and databases provide cost-of-living comparisons and reports between any of 10,000 locations worldwide. This application provides necessary information useful for permanent transfers or temporary cost-of-living allowances. User inputs include: spending level; currency, living areas; home rental or ownership (mortgage specifications); home size; family size; tax residency, and number of automobiles, miles driven, and value. It allows rent versus home ownership analyses and provides income tax analyses for 200 countries.
Executive Compensation Assessor
The Executive Compensation Assessor® software compares salaries and bonuses for more than 500 position titles in the US, Canada, and Europe. Executive compensation levels are calculated based on user input for position, industry, location, pay strategy, executive performance, and salary planning date. Compare your organization’s executive pay packages to competitors, viewing their past compensation packages for top officers, including stock options and benefits. This is the most comprehensive database of executive compensation information available.
Nonprofit Comparables Assessor
ERI’s Nonprofit Comparables Assessor™ compares executive compensation at nonprofit organizations in the United States. Executive compensation levels are calculated based on user input for position, industry, pay strategy, and executive performance. Utilized by the IRS and the NY State Attorney General Charities Bureau, ERI is a trusted source of compensation data.
Occupational Assessor (eDOT)
This job analysis software provides position descriptions for more than 19,000 position titles. Designed for career counselors, HR professionals, vocational rehabilitation advocates, disability administrators, as well as those who specialize in training and outplacement, the Occupational Assessor® enables users to create custom reports for compensation and career planning. Alternative work opportunities are calculated based on user input for an individual’s education, work history, interests, physical capabilities, and cognitive/emotional limitations.
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