FLSA Overtime and Disability Analysis

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Assess Overtime Exemption and Job Requirements

ERI's Occupational Assessor is cloud-based software that equips users to estimate overtime exemption status at the state and federal level. Complete job analysis forms reflecting an individual's training, experience, and limitations to generate lists of jobs with requirements falling within these restrictions


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Test jobs for FLSA overtime exemption classification

Select from over 19,000 position titles across more than 1,000 industry sectors to initiate an analysis, allowing for default comparative norms to be shown. View unique exempt and non-exempt provisions at the state or federal level. Easily save, print and export analysis to PDF.

Job analysis based on skills and limitations

Explore jobs based on criteria relating to the underlying physical, mental, and environmental demands of work. Change job measures as required to indicate an individual's limitations due to injury or other circumstances. Review local employers and estimates of job availability.

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ERI software is used by most of the Fortune 500 and thousands of small and medium sized companies.

Determine FLSA Exemption Status and Disability Accommodation

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