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Long-Term Disability insurance (LTD) is a common offering in an employee benefit program. The purpose of this insurance is to offer employees protection from the effects of an illness or injury that results in a long term absence from employment. LTD is ordinarily group insurance which provides compensation to employees because of their loss of income. This coverage is characterized by benefit periods of either two years, five years, or to age 65. Typically, group LTD insurance policies will pay an employee 50 to 60 percent of pre-tax salary, subject to a monthly cap. Most LTD policies become effective after a waiting period that can range from six months to one year. Most often, LTD begins at the time that the employee's sick leave and short-term disability benefits have been exhausted. Some LTD programs include rehabilitation services and wellness programs as a means of managing disability insurance costs and aiding the employee in returning to work as soon as possible.

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