Benchmark Pay for These Accounting Jobs and Thousands of Other Positions with Full Salary Range Data in the Cloud

Job2019 Median Salary
Accounting Manager$78,005
Budget Accountant$56,166
Cost Accountant$56,264
Tax Compliance Manager$125,674
Tax Research Director$0
Accounting Services Sales Representative$64,250
Revenue Accountant$70,181

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Analyze Salary Survey Data from Your Peers

View compensation data for positions throughout your entire organization. Find salary ranges for specific situations by specifying a level or years of experience, organization size, industry, and planning date. Benchmark executive pay by viewing compensation breakdowns from similar companies' public filings.

Benchmark Pay for Your Organization and for Clients

ERI equips you with the tools needed to design and evaluate compensation structures for all levels of employees, including executives. Easily search market pay data and financial statements to benchmark base pay and incentives. Because leading accounting and professional services firms subscribe to ERI, you know that you are getting quality data that you can trust.

Create Reports with Market-Based Pay Data

Review salary ranges and median/means for 7,000 positions in over 8,000 locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. Export custom extracts of ERI’s salary database for analysis and reporting. Create user-defined areas and search for areas within a radius of a specific location. Generate PDF summaries of results with just a few clicks.

Calculate Cost-of-Living Differentials Around the World

Compare both cost-of-living and cost-of-labor between locations. Set any geographic area as your base location, including city, state, national average, and custom user-defined area. Upload as many as 1,000 locations to build a comparison table. Compare differentials for multiple earnings levels between locations at the same time.

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