Tracking Nonprofit Executive Salaries: Environmental and Animal Organizations

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 3. June 2014 09:21
So how much does the executive director of “Poodles in Peril” or of “Save Cripple Creek from the Developers” earn each year? How much should he/she make? While these are imaginary organizations, groups with similar names asking for donations seem to be everywhere – in the daily mail, highway billboards, television, and print media. The appeals are numerous and the accompanying pictures and prose are dramatic and engaging, but how do these types of organizations (Environment/Animals, in the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities, the classification system used in the nonprofit sector) fit into the nonprofit sector? And how much do their executives make compared to similar- sized nonprofits providing other types of services? [More]

The Impact of Salary Caps on NYS Nonprofits

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 18. April 2014 07:40
In New York State, when the state legislature failed to act to place caps on executive salaries in nonprofits providing state-funded human services, the state implemented regulations to achieve the same goal. However, State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Feinman of Nassau County rejected those caps in a recent decision on a lawsuit by the Agencies for Children's Therapy, a non-profit that represents more than 30 agencies that provide early intervention, prekindergarten, special education and other services to children throughout the state. [More]

Should Nonprofits Be Concerned about IRS Review of Executive Compensation?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 4. April 2014 08:55
Last week, the IRS published data on the number of information returns filed by tax-exempt organization in 2012 – 771,675 to be exact – and the number of those returns that were subjected to further examination (meaning the organization was contacted by the IRS for further information, clarification, or a full audit). The number of organizations involved in such an examination of their 2012 returns by the IRS in FY 2013 was 2,882. Most were Forms 990 and 990-EZ (2,744) and the remainder were Forms 990-PF, with a few other forms filed by political organizations and trusts. So, does that low percentage of scrutiny by the IRS mean that nonprofits should have no worries about executive compensation levels? [More]

Extended Participation Deadline for ERI Salary Surveys

by ERI Salary Surveys 25. March 2014 13:20
We have extended the submission period to April 11 for all of ERI’s 2014 compensation surveys. Survey participants will con­tinue to receive a 50% discount toward the purchase of the full survey report in which they participate, plus a free electronic copy of the survey’s Executive Summary. Results of our com­pensation surveys will be released in August. [More]

2014 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey Available in April

by ERI Salary Surveys 25. March 2014 13:19
The 2014 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey pro¬vides a timely and accurate measurement of health care plan costs that can serve as a valuable reference when considering plan changes and cost-saving strategies. The report features sec¬tions on general benefits practices, general features of medical coverage, and co-payment requirements, as well as prescription drug plans, dental benefits, vision benefits, and more. Data are presented by organization sector, industry group, organization size (number of employees), and geographic region. [More]