In continuing our year-to-year comparison of salary survey results for major benchmark jobs, we again take a look at administrative positions.

This analysis compares salaries from participant submissions to ERI Salary Surveys between 2013 and 2014, for both nonprofit and for-profit reports. For each year, total averages were calculated by job title and included all industries and geographic areas to maximize sample size.

As you can see in the table below, organizations reported higher salaries in 2014 for half (six) of the twelve administrative titles. Three titles saw a moderate to large decrease, with two positions remaining relatively unchanged.

As we’ve observed in the past, administrative positions are showing more variability than other job families when looking at percentages. This is due in part to the salary level of many of these positions. Small changes in salary result in higher percentage changes than for jobs at higher pay levels. Personnel Clerk, which saw the largest decrease, had continued to have one of the smallest sample sizes over the years, which could explain the variability over time. Administrative Assistant, on the other hand, continues to have the largest sample size across the three years and, not surprisingly, appears to be among the most stable over time.