ERI Salary Surveys has released its 2012 collection of compensation surveys for the United States and Canada. These are true salary surveys, reporting participant data gathered during the pres­ent and prior year (October 2011 – April 2012), complemented by two additional sections of data for comparison purposes. The result is up to three survey sources per benchmark job.

Surveys typically include more than 100 benchmark jobs, from support staff to executive positions. In addition to market-based pay data – annual salary, incentive/variable pay, and total direct annual compensation shown in means, medians, and percentiles – each benchmark position includes a job description, a graph with a trend line and data points, and the Selected Characteristics of the Occupation (SCOs).

Surveys range in price from $489 to $689. All 2012 US surveys are available with national or statewide results. The reports are deliv­ered as a PDF or hardcopy document (with an additional printing and shipping charge applied). For more information and a full list of surveys, please visit our survey page or contact us by phone at (877) 210-6563 or by email at