Participation in ERI’s 2012 Compensation Surveys Continues Through March 31st

by ERI Salary Surveys 30. January 2012 15:38

ERI Salary Surveys will be collecting data for our 2012 compensation surveys through March 31, 2012.  We conduct more than 100 industry-specific and job function compensation surveys as well as two benefits surveys.  United States industries include manufacturing, retail, construction, and over 20 nonprofit activity areas.  Thirty industry surveys are conducted in Canada as well.  Surveys include approximately 100 benchmark jobs ranging from support staff to executive positions.  These traditional compensation surveys provide up to three survey data sources in one.  In addition to actual survey participant data from the collection period, you also receive two extra sources of data to use for comparison purposes.  Compensation surveys range in price from $489 to $689 and may be purchased on a national or statewide basis.  Visit ERI Salary Surveys for more information or to participate in a survey.  Survey participants receive a complimentary copy of the survey’s executive summary and a 50% discount on the purchase of the full survey results.  Participation in all applicable surveys is welcome.  By participating in our compensation surveys, you not only strengthen the data in the surveys, but also contribute to the quality of our Assessor Series® datasets. 

ERI Salary Surveys also conducts two benefits surveys, the Health Care Benefits Benchmarking and Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations.  The Health Care Benefits Benchmarking survey focuses on benchmarking employer-provided employee health care benefits.  The report serves as a valuable reference for considering plans, changes, and strategies for effective benefits management.  Data is reported by organization sector, industry group, geographic region, and organization size.  Participation in this survey closed on January 31st, and the report will be available April 2, 2012.  Visit the Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey page for more information or to order the survey. 

The Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations survey includes information on medical, prescription, and dental costs, but also provides data on life/disability benefits, retirement plan practices, paid leave, and other benefits including executive perquisites in nonprofit organizations.  The data provided in this survey gives nonprofit organizations the tools needed to compare current benefit offerings to those of other nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.  Data is reported by organization scope, activity area, geographic region, and organization size.  Nonprofit organizations still have the opportunity to participate in this survey through March 31st.  Participants receive a complimentary copy of the executive summary and 50% discount on the purchase of the full report.  Visit the Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations Survey page for more information or to participate in the survey.

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