Will the IRS Be Looking at Your Nonprofit in 2012?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 23. February 2012 09:07

The latest report on the activities and plans for the Exempt Organizations (EO) division of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities of the IRS provides some insight into what’s ahead for nonprofits – good to know if your nonprofit is in a group targeted for some scrutiny.


Are You Paying Attention to Executive Salaries at Your Nonprofit? Should You?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 23. January 2012 09:09

Yes, you should be interested, regardless of your level of involvement. As a donor, you work hard for your money and you should give it to diligent, effective organizations that use donations wisely. If you are even more involved and serve as a nonprofit board member, you are responsible for the compensation decisions of your organization. What's more, if you work for a nonprofit, there’s easily accessible salary data to assess your compensation level.


The Debate Over Teacher Pay – Too High or Too Low?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 30. November 2011 09:11

As public budgets tighten, the debate about teacher pay has recently gotten more heated.  While most researchers seem to agree that higher teacher quality translates into improved student performance, does higher pay necessarily bring the best and the brightest to the profession? 


ERI Compensation Research Cited in Portland Business Journal

by ERI Salary Surveys 27. October 2011 09:47

Nonprofit executive compensation research conducted by ERI Economic Research Institute was cited in a recent Portland Business Journal article, “Goodwill CEO Miller highest-paid in state,” by Mathew Kish, Staff Writer.


Senator Grassley Requests Examination of Public Charity Definition

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 19. October 2011 09:12

At the Senate Finance Committee Hearing, “Tax Reform Options: Incentives for Charitable Giving” on October 18, 2011, the ability for individual taxpayers to deduct charitable contributions was the major focus as the search for additional sources of tax revenue and discussion of tax reform are getting serious in these tight economic times.