Nonprofit Executive Pay Caps Implemented in NYS

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 5. August 2013 10:03
On July 1, 2013, New York State Governor Cuomo's Executive Order #38, designed to "prevent public funds from being diverted to excessive compensation and unnecessary administrative costs, and ... ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used to help New Yorkers in need," was implemented. EO #38 now puts limits on reimbursements for administrative costs and executive compensation that come from state-provided funds. [More]

Grassley Finds Details on Executive Comp Hard to Get from NYU

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 17. July 2013 11:45
When a former top executive for New York University (NYU) nominated for Treasury secretary was questioned at his confirmation hearing about his compensation (in particular, his parting bonus) and subsidized mortgages, Senator Chuck Grassley raised concerns that these payments by a nonprofit were inappropriate, considering its exemption from income and property taxes. According to a recent New York Times article, Grassley asked for more details and, several months later, has not received the detailed information he is seeking from NYU. [More]

Report Shows Pay Increases at Foundations Slowed in 2012

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 12. July 2013 11:56
Each year, the Council on Foundations completes a survey of compensation in grant-making organizations. The most recent report on 2012 salaries includes responses from 893 organizations for over 7,600 full time employees in 34 different positions. The data show that pay increases for foundation employees grew at a slower rate last year than they did in 2011 and 2010. [More]

Year-to-Year Analysis of Salary Survey Data Trends: 2012-2013

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 2. July 2013 15:29
This analysis compares salaries between 2012 and 2013 submissions to ERI Salary Surveys, for both nonprofit and for-profit reports. For each year, total averages were calculated by job title, and included all available data (that is, industry and area breakouts were ignored) to maximize sample size (similar to a national report). [More]

GuideStar Report Finds Female Charity CEOs Get Paid Less

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 3. June 2013 11:06
Based on analysis of data from its annual 2012 Nonprofit Compensation Report, GuideStar has created an infographic that illustrates the impact of gender on compensation in the nonprofit sector. The report analyzes total compensation paid by 77,449 tax exempt organizations for 116,807 positions, as reported on Forms 990 for FY 2010. [More]

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