Nonprofits Continue Shifting Health Care Costs to Employees

by ERI Salary Surveys 19. June 2014 14:54
As nonprofits aim to attract and retain top talent under a ceiling of salary budget constraints, providing a competitive benefits package becomes increasingly important. The fourteenth annual Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations Survey, released on July 1, 2014, reports that nonprofits are paying approximately 70-75% of the total premium cost of medical coverage, on par with 2013 levels but substantially lower than employer contributions in 2012 (87%). Similar to employers in the private industry, nonprofit organizations appear to be continuing cost saving strategies by shifting more expenses on to the employees. [More]

Deadline Extended for ERI's Health Care Benefits Survey

by ERI Salary Surveys 29. January 2014 12:48
Don’t miss out on contributing to ERI Salary Surveys seventh annual Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey. Participants save 50% off the results! We’ve extended the deadline to accommodate even more employers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, as well as government entities in the United States. [More]

Participate & Save up to 75% off on Our Salary Surveys

by ERI Salary Surveys 1. October 2013 09:20
ERI Salary Surveys is currently accepting submissions for our compensation surveys. Participate before the end of the year and receive a 75% discount on the results. Need a bit more time to submit your data? Not a problem. The submission window is open until March 31, 2014, and participants remain eligible for a 50% discount. [More]

Benefits Survey Reports Nonprofits Shifting Health Care Costs to Employees

by ERI Salary Surveys 1. July 2013 15:36
In order to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive market, nonprofit organizations, historically, have offered generous benefits to create a total compensation package. The thirteenth annual Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations Survey, released July 1, 2013 by ERI Salary Surveys, reports that nonprofit employers are finding it more difficult to fund rich health care benefits programs. [More]

Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey Shows Continuing Trend by Employers to Reduce Costs

by ERI Salary Surveys 19. April 2013 13:55

Changes to federal health care law and rising medical costs have many organizations throughout the United States implementing less expensive health care options. Rather than offering changes in traditional plans, some employers are moving to high deductible health plans coupled with a Health Savings Account. Others are simply reducing benefit levels overall through cost-saving measures.


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