Examining Cost-of-Living Differentials at Different Earnings Levels

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 13. August 2018 11:23
Relocation and HR Professionals using the Relocation Assessor frequently ask, "Why does the cost-of-living differential change when I increase or decrease the Annual Earnings? Shouldn’t it always be a fixed percentage?" To evaluate COL differential estimates, it is necessary to have an understanding of the underlying expenditures patterns. [More]

Creative Job Titles: Beneficial or Confusing?

by Linda Cox 6. August 2018 10:26
The requests to create new and specialized job titles are never ending. Today’s era of title inflation, new technologies, and hot skills places increased demands for new and creative job titling. Executive job titles are even becoming trendy and vague. Hot new skills are rapidly placing increased demand on compensation and new job families. These challenges may even result in new job titles, while others will not. But there is a balance between the creation of new and different job titles and the demand for these jobs and hot skill sets. The management of job titles is an important component in the attainment of market competitiveness, internal equity, and even pay equity throughout an organization. [More]



Common Compensation Terms & Formulas

by Linda Cox 5. July 2018 08:00
ERI Economic Research Institute is pleased to provide a glossary of commonly used compensation terms and formulas for your ongoing reference. The following is a sample of terms and formulas related to the topic of Salary Range, with an index of the complete reference provided below. [More]

Cost-of-Living Differentials for Top Expat Locations

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 11. June 2018 09:37
The recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey provides a ranking on locations for expat job opportunities. The over 27,000 participants chose San Francisco, London, New York City, Dublin, and Birmingham, UK, as the top five cities. The ranking in the survey was based on work/life balance, cost-of-living, and salary. In order to consider the merits of each location, a Top Talent expat will need to fully examine the cost-of-living differentials between his or her Base (home) location and these Destination cities. On the hiring side, Human Resource professionals must be prepared to provide these highly-sought-after candidates with granular details on the cost-of-living as part of a competitive offer. As shown below, ERI's Relocation Assessor can provide comprehensive, defensible, and reliable estimates to meet this need. [More]

Nonprofit Board Members – To Pay or Not to Pay in 2018?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 8. May 2018 05:15
The vast majority of members of boards of directors in the nonprofit sector are not paid for their services. Board members typically serve on a part-time, voluntary basis, and many in the sector feel that they should not benefit personally from their service. While board members do fall under the IRS prohibition on “self-dealing,” there is an exception made for “payment of compensation ... for personal services,” which includes fees for board members. Payments, however, must be “reasonable and necessary to carry out the exempt purposes” and “not excessive.” So, compensation is permitted – but it cannot be “unreasonable” and “excessive.” [More]

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