ERI Salary Surveys Rolls Out 2011 Collection

by ERI Salary Surveys 10. August 2011 15:07

ERI Salary Surveys has released its largest collection of industry-specific and job function surveys, more than 170 in all, for organizations researching market-based compensation data. Each survey reports employer-provided data derived from survey participants, digitized public records, and ERI Economic Research Institute’s patented online, interactive salary surveys and Assessor Series databases.



New ERI White Paper

by ERI Salary Surveys 9. August 2011 12:19

ERI Economic Research Institute’s recent white paper, “Five Technical Aspects of Compensation Data” by Jonas Johnson, Senior Researcher, is available for download via


Technically Speaking… Does Excel Always Know What is Best For Your Compensation Data?

by ERI Salary Surveys 1. July 2011 14:14
The use of Microsoft Excel in the business compensation environment for performing quick and easy calculations has become ubiquitous, making the need to cite usage statistics pretty much meaningless. I often cut and paste data into a spreadsheet for some quick compensation data analyses, even when I have much more powerful statistical software packages at my disposal. [More]

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