Extended Participation Deadline for ERI Salary Surveys

by ERI Salary Surveys 25. March 2014 13:20
We have extended the submission period to April 11 for all of ERI’s 2014 compensation surveys. Survey participants will con­tinue to receive a 50% discount toward the purchase of the full survey report in which they participate, plus a free electronic copy of the survey’s Executive Summary. Results of our com­pensation surveys will be released in August. [More]

2014 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey Available in April

by ERI Salary Surveys 25. March 2014 13:19
The 2014 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey pro¬vides a timely and accurate measurement of health care plan costs that can serve as a valuable reference when considering plan changes and cost-saving strategies. The report features sec¬tions on general benefits practices, general features of medical coverage, and co-payment requirements, as well as prescription drug plans, dental benefits, vision benefits, and more. Data are presented by organization sector, industry group, organization size (number of employees), and geographic region. [More]

Cost of Living for Three Top-Tech Cities

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 25. March 2014 12:43
High-tech jobs have become one of the strongest job growth areas, especially in locations with many technology companies such as Seattle, San Diego, and Salt Lake City. Frequently, a skilled candidate will have job offers in these cities. Human resource and mobility professionals are frequently asked to understand and assess cost-of-living differentials for both management and employees. The data below helps understand some key differences between renting and owning. [More]

Compensation for Art Museum Directors: Do Men Really Get Paid More?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 25. March 2014 12:29
The Association of Art Museum Directors recently reported that only 43% percent of art museums in the United States and Canada were headed by women, and salaries of those female directors averaged 79% of the salaries of their male peers. [More]

Job Analysis and FLSA Executive Exemption Test

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 25. March 2014 12:24
In March 2014, significant changes were proposed to the Fair Labor Standards Act and targeted for likely enactment in mid to late 2015; they are still pending a public notice and comment period. One of the changes that employers should follow is the possible elimination of the concurrent duties exemption of primary duties for the executive exemption test. [More]

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