Deadline Extended for ERI's Health Care Benefits Survey

by ERI Salary Surveys 29. January 2014 12:48
Don’t miss out on contributing to ERI Salary Surveys seventh annual Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey. Participants save 50% off the results! We’ve extended the deadline to accommodate even more employers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, as well as government entities in the United States. [More]

States Target Nonprofit Executive Pay

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 24. January 2014 08:11

Should nonprofit executives “volunteer” a part of their compensation (by receiving a discounted salary) because they work for a charitable organization? Alternatively, is a “high” salary important to attract the kind of talent needed to achieve the purpose of the nonprofit? The IRS says that pay must be reasonable and that salary data on comparable jobs in comparable organizations must be used to document that what is paid is appropriate. However, some states are moving to supplement that IRS scrutiny at the federal level with some limits on salaries for nonprofits at the state level.

Participant Data Shows Salary Budgets at 3% for 2014

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 8. January 2014 08:53

ERI’s Salary Increase Survey utilizes multiple sources of data to arrive at budget and structure projections for HR and compensation professionals. These sources include user-submitted estimates (ERI subscribers can get complimentary reports simply by completing the questionnaire, while others can purchase the report at a reduced rate for participation), historical increase rates, job function differentials, and economic factors like local unemployment rates. These data are combined to arrive at estimates for budget and structure movement and can be seen in the report. [More]


A Modest Suggestion on Pay for Nonprofit Executives

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 7. January 2014 15:02
A recent blog by George Weiner suggests the following approach for a nonprofit to reduce those pesky overhead costs that are so often the focus of criticism: one-year overhead plan, salary, and benefits. [More]

Same Salary with Different Cost of Living

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 2. January 2014 12:57
It is important for HR and mobility professionals to understand cost-of- living (COL) differential analysis when presenting data to employees and management. Although it is most common for the home price to be the biggest determinant of overall COL differentials, each budget expenditure component contributes. To illustrate differences, ERI Economic Research Institute details below the estimated COL to maintain the same management/professional standard of living at a salary of $100,000 at the U.S. National Average in San Diego, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Houston. Not surprisingly, in Houston, the COL is below the U.S. National Average, while, in Atlanta, it is slightly higher. In San Diego, the COL is significantly above the U.S. National Average. The U.S. National Average is calculated quarterly from the over 7,000 locations covered by ERI's Relocation Assessor data bases.

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