Executive Compensation Analytics: North America and Europe

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 22. November 2013 11:00
Organizations will generally have two or three sources of executive and top management compensation benchmarking data to ensure compensation is NOT a reason for turnover at the c-suite and top talent levels. Compiling and analyzing executive compensation data can be a daunting task especially since the regulatory frameworks for c-suite jobs in some countries vary (e.g. voluntary vs mandatory disclosure; or aggregated vs incumbent-level disclosures). For top management positions, the scope dimensions of the jobs like P&L responsibility, geography, and targeted niche business are required criteria which may not be available in most compensation solutions. [More]

Early Bird Discount Continues for ERI Salary Surveys

by ERI Salary Surveys 4. November 2013 09:33
Many organizations across the United States and Canada have already submitted their information to receive the early bird discount on our compensation and benefits surveys. Submit your organization’s data before December 31 to ensure 75% off the results. Participate now and pay later. Your submission locks in the participation discount for when you’re ready to purchase. [More]

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