Exploring Cost-of-Living Data to Analyze Short-Term Assignments

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 1. October 2013 13:42
HR and Mobility professionals are facing an increasing demand to use cost-of-living data to analyze expenses for multiple types of assignments such as long-term, short-term, temporary and extended business travel. ERI Economic Research Institute Relocation Assessor data provides data which can be used to benchmark estimated costs for a variety of assignments. Below we detail the flexibility of data provided in a single report. [More]

Participate & Save up to 75% off on Our Salary Surveys

by ERI Salary Surveys 1. October 2013 09:20
ERI Salary Surveys is currently accepting submissions for our compensation surveys. Participate before the end of the year and receive a 75% discount on the results. Need a bit more time to submit your data? Not a problem. The submission window is open until March 31, 2014, and participants remain eligible for a 50% discount. [More]

Cost-of-Living Comparison: Relocating from Pittsburgh

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 1. October 2013 08:52
In our latest cost-of-living comparison using data from ERI’s Relocation Assessor, we examine a professional relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to three other U.S. locations. The analyses are meant as one-to-one comparisons based on replicating a typical professional lifestyle with annual earnings of $100,000 in Pittsburgh. In addition to the total cost-of-living comparisons, we’ve provided differentials for each of the major expenditure pattern components: consumables, transportation, health services, housing, and taxes. [More]

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