Anticipating the Need for Salary Survey Data in 2013?

by ERI Salary Surveys 26. October 2012 12:17

ERI Salary Surveys is currently accepting submissions for our compensation surveys. Participate before January 1, 2013, and receive a 75% discount on the results. Need a bit more time to submit your data? Not a problem. Our collection window is open until March 31, 2013, and participants remain eligible for a 50% discount.


Salary Survey Data Trends - Admin Jobs

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 25. October 2012 10:58

Administrative jobs are common to nearly all organizations and are often a core part of benchmarking projects. As such, we’ve included the occupation in our Year-to-Year Analysis of Salary Survey Data Trends.


Equity Compensation and Long-Term Focus

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 16. October 2012 09:49

With the advent of Say-On-Pay and the prolonged sluggish economy, one might think that business executives are risk averse and look to retain the stock prices for shareholders as opposed to potentially attempting to increase them. One reason for this type of business leadership approach could be attributed to shareholder activism that advocate more focus on long-term results, as well as prevent excessive risk taking and the resultant Stock Ownership Policies (SOPs). 


More Nonprofits Are Taking Over Health Functions for Cities

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 15. October 2012 08:43

As state and local governments struggle with budget gaps, there are an increasing number of agencies deciding to contract out services previously provided by public employees to the nonprofit sector. 


What Is “Fair” Compensation?

by ERI Salary Surveys 12. October 2012 11:30

Transparency in compensation is a hot topic. Traditionally, open conversations regarding compensation and salary data are considered taboo. This produces a challenge for compensation professionals working to affect change in perceived fairness.


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