2012 Salary Surveys Set for Release August 2

by ERI Salary Surveys 19. July 2012 15:13

ERI Salary Surveys’ full line of 2012 industry and job function compensation surveys for the United States and Canada are available for purchase starting August 2.


Salary Increases for Executive VPs by Industry

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 17. July 2012 14:00

This third and final analysis in a series regarding executive compensation at the industry level focuses on base pay for Executive Vice Presidents (EVP).


A Look at COO Base Pay Among Industries

by Lyle Leritz, Ph.D. 9. July 2012 09:47

As outlined in a previous post, “Is CEO Base Pay Dropping?,” executive compensation packages have changed in recent years due to cost-control measures. While some companies have reduced or eliminated several components of executive compensation, it appears that base salaries are continuing to increase among top positions.


Cost-of-Living Index

by Marillyn Tefft, Senior Researcher 6. July 2012 15:29

ERI Economic Research Institute’s Cost-of-Living Index ranks the price of goods and services in heavily populated U.S. cities as a percentage of the U.S. National Average. 


What You May Not Know About Charitable Giving in the U.S.

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 5. July 2012 08:52

The Giving USA annual report on 2011 charitable giving in the United States, released last week, found that overall charitable giving increased 3.9% from the prior year.  However, after adjustment for inflation, that increase was really only 0.9%.  A more detailed look included one interesting finding: individual giving to religious organizations is dropping.  The report reconfirmed some facts not generally well understood about charities.


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