Quiksilver Executive Compensation Disclosures in 2011 Proxy Statement Filing

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 17. February 2011 09:12
Let’s take a closer look at the disclosures related to executive compensation in the Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) section of Quiksilver’s recent proxy statement, filed February 9, 2011 for its upcoming annual meeting on March 22, 2011. [More]

Nonprofit Oversight - More Scrutiny from IRS Ahead for Churches?

by Linda M. Lampkin, Senior Nonprofit Compensation Specialist 11. February 2011 09:30

Tax-exemption for churches and religious organizations is an area Congress hasn’t looked at in decades, but Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, is interested in changing that. His staff conducted an investigation of media-based ministries that constituents brought to his attention, with the stated goal of coming up with recommendations to encourage good governance that would preserve confidence without inhibiting religious freedom.


Executive Compensation: Which Companies Are Proactive with Say-On-Pay?

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 4. February 2011 16:14
With the heightened sensitivity toward executive compensation pay levels, there have been recent announcements indicating that companies are adjusting pay decisions relative to their organization’s performance and overall economic conditions. Some announcements related to executive compensation show that companies are proactively adapting. [More]

Restricted Stock Awards: Changing Executive Compensation

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 3. February 2011 15:33

Top executives often receive equity in the company as a large proportion of their total compensation. Which equity instruments corporations use to make those equity awards has changed significantly over the past decade. The use of Stock Options (SOs), where executives have the right to purchase company stock at a certain price after vesting, has dropped dramatically, being replaced with Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs), where, after vesting, ownership of the stock is automatically transferred to executives.


Executive Compensation: Say-On-Pay

by Malak Kazan, CECP, CCP, CBP, GRP 3. February 2011 11:07

This week the SEC approved the non-binding Say-On-Pay rule. This is one component of the executive compensation provision of the Dodd Frank Act, a comprehensive financial regulatory reform enacted due to the collapse and near demise of many industry giants, like Lehman Brothers and AIG. The executive compensation provision are intended to discourage companies from awarding lucrative packages that encourage risky behavior.


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