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  • A Compensation Manager at a software company used the Salary Assessor to access salary data in San Diego, CA.
  • A compensation and governance consulting firm used the Executive Compensation Assessor to advise Houston, Texas area clients on compensation reporting best practices.
  • A multinational company used the Geographic Assessor to compute geographic pay differentials between Columbus, OH and London, UK.
  • A tech company used the Relocation Assessor to evaluate if a pay adjustment would be warranted based on relative livings costs of moving a mid-level manager from San Jose, CA to Bangalore, India.
  • A worldwide packaging company used the Global Salary Calculator to price positions in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • A consulting firm used the Nonprofit Comparables Assessor to obtain salaries for executive directors of nonprofits in the Washington DC area.

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Salary Planning with Survey Data

Assess pay competitiveness and compare internal pay practices with market rates. Analyze salary ranges by years of experience, organization size, industry, location, and more. Share your analysis by generating visual PDF reports or exporting data for Excel with a few clicks.

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Geographic Pay and Cost of Living Differentials

Compare cost of living and cost of labor among cities around the world to calculate relocation packages and set branch office salary structures. Generate custom cost of living reports based on income, home rental or ownership, family size, and more.

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Executive Compensation Benchmarking

Analyze all elements of executive compensation packages from financial disclosures, including cash bonuses, stock and option awards, and non-equity incentives. View compensation figures based on criteria such as job title, company revenue, location, and industry.

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Salary Data for Nonprofit Organizations

View data for nonprofit executives from Form 990 filings. Filter searches based on location, industry, and organization revenue. Ensure compliance with IRS regulations by determining salaries based on what similar organizations are paying.

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Cloud Assessor Series Bundles

Plan and analyze salary structures, cost of living adjustments, executive compensation packages, and more at any time from any device with the Cloud Assessor Series. Thousands of professionals rely on ERI data to determine reasonable compensation for employees of businesses and nonprofit organizations. To customize an Assessor package to your specific needs, please call 800-627-3697 or email info@erieri.com.

Cloud Assessor Bundles Full Assessor Series Professional
Assessor Series
Assessor Series
Salary data for the US and Canada
Cost of labor for the US and Canada
Cost of living comparison for the US and Canada
Overtime exemption status analysis
Executive compensation data for the US and Canada
Nonprofit executive compensation data
Disability determination analysis
Global data

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