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Install Assessor Series Applications from DVD Using a License Code

This installation option is designed for new subscribers, or renewing subscribers who have not yet updated their license information for the current subscription year.


If you are a renewing subscriber and have already entered a current license code (see Check Your License Code to verify), please follow the instructions to Update Assessor Series Applications from DVD instead of the instructions below.


ERI's quarterly updates are provided on a single Platform Library DVD.  All fully licensed Assessor Series applications can be installed from this DVD.  All demos are accessible without any installation directly from the Platform Library DVD.


If your organization/employer has given you limited administrative rights for software installations, you may not be able to download an executable file (*.exe) from a DVD or the Internet. Talk to your MIS or IT department about getting administrative access to download files.


Platform Library DVD Instructions:

1.Close all open programs, with the exception of your Windows operating system.
2.Place the current version of ERI's Platform Library DVD in your computer's DVD drive.  Most computers will automatically run the DVD. See Running ERI's Platform Library for additional information.
3.Select Install.
4.Please read over the ERI End-User License Agreement displayed on the "License Agreement" screen.  If you agree to the terms of the license, please click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and then click the Next button.
5.In the "Customer Information" dialog, select Licensed (Install using a License Code).  Then enter the License Code printed on your renewal invoice and the name of the Authorized Operator.  Then click the Next button.
6.In the "Select Features" dialog, choose the programs you would like to install.  Based on your license code, the appropriate programs will already be selected for installation.  If you do not have a subscription to a particular Assessor, you will have the option of installing the Demo Edition.  Click Next.
7.In the "Choose Destination Location" dialog, select the folder where setup will install the files.  The installation will determine the default target (see note below).  Although, you may change the target folder via the Change... button in the dialog.  Click Next.


Note:  Updates to existing ERI installations continue to use the target folders used in previous installations as the folders where setup will install the files. For new installations (where no previous ERI programs are found), installations determine the default target according to the ProgramFiles, ProgramFiles(x86) and APPDATA system variables.



Default path for new installations


Admin user on a 32 bit machine

%ProgramFiles%\ERI Economic Research Institute

C:\Program Files\ERI Economic Research Institute

Admin user on a 64 bit machine

%ProgramFiles(x86)%\ERI Economic Research Institute

C:\Program Files (x86)\ERI Economic Research Institute

Non-admin, or admin installed for only the current user

%APPDATA%\ERI Economic Research Institute *

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ERI Economic Research Institute *


* The user AppData folders are hidden by default. To make them visible in the Windows Explorer, go to the Folder Options | View tab and select the option to Show hidden files, folders, and drives.


8.In the "Ready to Install the Program" dialog, there is an Advanced selection recommended for IT users and administrators, allowing them to specify another group or user account that will use the Assessors.
9.In a new installation (not an update or maintenance), the “Ready to Install the Program” dialog includes two options for admin users: to install the application for “Anyone who uses the computer (all users)” or “Only for me (the current user).” The default selection is "all users." Normally those options are only available for admin users; however, in some cases, they may be available to standard (non-admin) users. If a non-admin installation using the default “all users” option fails due to lack of permissions, then the user can run the installation again using the “only for me” option to avoid the permissions issue.
10.After making the selections in steps 8 and 9 above, click Install in the "Ready to Install the Program" dialog.  The installation of the Assessor Series applications may take several minutes, depending on the user's computer.
11.On the "InstallShield Wizard Complete" screen, click Finish.
12.Click OK to restart ERI's Platform Library from its installed location.


Shortcuts will automatically be added to the Windows Start | Programs menu for all installed Assessor Series applications.  In addition, users may access the full versions of the applications from ERI's Platform Library.  The color of the buttons for each licensed and installed Assessor Series application will be white or clear, as opposed to green for the demo versions.  If you installed the Platform Library, a "ERI Platform Library" desktop shortcut was created for you.