ERI offers unlimited Assessor software training to our subscribers. Choose from the following options:

  1. The ERI Subscriber Services Department is available 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Call 800.627.3697 from North America, 0800-894-800 from the UK, or 01144.207.409.5060 from Europe.
  2. Help Files: While operating any Assessor software, click on Help in the top menu to readily access descriptions of individual software features. Utilize the research functions of the Topics Search section for detailed explanations of Assessor applications. Or access PDF versions of these help files here.
  3. Free Online Tutorials: Utilize our Online Assessor Tutorials.
  4. Free Online Tech Support: Get quick answers to your Assessor software questions via our Online Tech Support pages.
  5. Free Conference Call Training: Sign up for free webinar training sessions by clicking here.
  6. Online Courses: Take self-paced online courses at the ERI Distance Learning Center. See the ERI Course Crosswalk to find courses that provide in-depth training on the Assessor software to which you subscribe.
  7. Personalized Instruction: For one-on-one training, please email to set up your own webinar training session.