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Salary Data and Analytics

ERI's Salary Assessor is cloud-based software that simplifies salary data analysis and compensation planning. Determine competitive salary levels, compare employee salaries with market benchmarks, and more with instant access to employer-reported compensation data.


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Make confident decisions with accurate salary data

Review salary ranges and the mean/median for 7,000 positions in over 9,000 locations around the world. Benchmark salaries by level, years of experience, or organization size. Save job lists and locations directly into the cloud application.

Customize outputs to reflect specific situations

Calculate competitive levels of salaries, incentives, and total compensation by geographic area, industry, organization size, and salary planning date. Create user-defined areas and search for areas within a radius of a specific location.

Import data and export reports to Excel and PDF

Import employee salaries to compare with industry benchmarks at a glance. Export detailed PDF reports with graphics and large custom data extracts for Excel. Create and save profiles for customized reports.

Analyze salary ranges for unique roles

Combine up to nine jobs into a hybrid position. Analyze market salary data for hybrid positions based on industry, location, level of experience, and more. Select a weight for each component position to reflect job duties.

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ERI software is used by most of the Fortune 500 and thousands of small and medium sized companies.

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