ERI Economic Research Institute, Inc. is the world leader in the optical character recognition, survey analyses, and web service collection of compensation survey data. For over 25 years, we have published updated consensus reports of competitive wages and salaries covering the United States, Canada, UK, and Europe. Our cost-of-living reports cover every major city in the world, some 10 thousand in all. Our study of work in America includes 12 thousand jobs and over 100 thousand job titles. The primary use of our Professional Edition products is assisting in salary planning, especially in branch offices. The primary use of our Consultant Edition research is for Board presentation and compliance. Click to read about reliance upon ERI data as cited in customer testimonials and corporate proxies.

What Compensation Surveys Do You Produce?

We are a pay survey compilation, extraction, and analysis service that provides market data via our compensation survey software. Some of our products represent a "census" more than a survey. We mine web sites such as job boards where allowed, lease datasets, study incumbent contributed data, host salary surveys on the web, support old-fashioned paper & pencil surveys, evaluate and collect loan and employment applicant data in the provision of web services, review non-copyrighted and/or leased survey data, trade data and products with other survey organizations, digitize publicly available data, and utilize data from field subject matter expert job analysts' work. In licensing our online survey patent to ERI Salary Surveys and others, we have enriched our databases with data collected since 1967.

We conduct surveys that are not already carried out by other research bodies (or unavailable under License). For example, we analyze Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) pay information, including proxies, 10Ks, 8Ks, and compensation tables covering executive compensation at public corporations. We report these data to our subscribers via our Executive Compensation Assessor® software. This software provides unprecedented analyses of total executive compensation (cash and non-cash) in organizations whose stock is publicly traded. All source documents used are available for download by subscribers. The Nonprofit Comparables Assessor & Tax-Exempt Survey is the tax-exempt entities version of this compensation survey software, providing top executive pay in charities and foundations. This desktop software provides access to over 3,274,281 Form 990/PF/EZ reports representing over 731,762 unique organizations. This software is relied upon by federal (IRS) and state regulatory agencies, including the NY Attorney General's Office. Via PAQ Services, Inc. we analyze data collected from firms that verify income and appraisals for 35 million loan applications per year, half of them with co-borrowers reporting earnings. ERI affiliated surveys are found at the following sites:

What Additional Compensation Survey Sources Does ERI Use?

In addition to the ten data collection methodologies described above, ERI digitizes data from IRS and SEC documents, incorporates association sponsored survey data, and leases others' salary survey datasets. Over 28 million data incumbent lines are utilized in building Assessor Series' analyses. You can view our sources, along with other recommended surveys by downloading a free Salary Assessor demo. Once you open this compensation survey software, click on View/Salary Surveys for a list of surveys covering the area of interest you have specified. Compensation analysts should always use more than one survey/data source; the lists contain other recommended firms' data and surveys (not used by ERI in building the Assessor Series). We also mine the Internet for both job content (skills, job demands, task statements) and posted earnings with our eDOT Skills Project's eSpideri.

Assessor Series® software databases are designed for professional use by the compensation and Human Resource specialists for whom we are a research outsource. We license individual users rather than companies or computers, and we offer unlimited training to all licensed subscribers. For a list of online courses that provide instruction on our compensation survey software, click here. Free Subscriber Webinars are also available to our subscribers.

Who Subscribes to ERI Research?

The vast majority of ERI subscribers are from the private sector, but our subscribers also include the CIA, IRS, NSA, DCAA, UN, US and Canadian militaries, and federal/state/provincial agencies. Both the US Defense Contract Audit Agency and the Department of Interior use ERI's Assessor software to review contracts, ensure compliance, and assure that bid rates are based on rational pay expectations that can attract applicants. State agencies like PennDOT require ERI citations to support executive compensation proposals in bids. Human Resources and corporate managers from most of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies rely on ERI research products to set their organizations' salaries, cost-of-living allowances, and relocation bonuses. In addition, compensation consultants, forensic economists, CPAs, law firms, disability carriers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and academic researchers utilize ERI labor cost data, cost-of-living adjustment estimates, and job analysis software. (ERI does not share, release, or sell its subscriber list.)

This is all we do - publish the most current and complete summary of competitive salary and cost-of-living information in fast, secure, and portable software databases that are updated every quarter. We do not provide, nor do any of our affiliate survey organizations provide, fee-for-service consulting. No one else offers what we offer.

How Can I Try Out ERI Compensation Survey Products?

You can download free demos of our compensation survey software from ERI's website, where you can also explore our Free Compensation Resources.

Feel free to call if you have any further questions or would like to place an order. The ERI Subscriber Services Department is available 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Call 800.627.3697 from North America.