Dataset Updates

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The files below are self-extracting updates to ERI and PAQ research products. Click on any underlined dataset found below to initiate the updating process. With a modem speed of 56.0 kbps, a 1 MB download will take one to two minutes; at 28.8 kbps, a 1 MB download will take approximately six to nine minutes.

ERI's Platform Library Update – FREE
Updated 3/17/2014

Platform Library (April 2014) 351 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Platform Library
Single Quarterly Dataset Updates for Paid Subscribers – April 2014 editions
Updates for Assessors posted 3/17/2014.

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Salary Assessor 51 MB Self-extracting update of Salary Assessor salary survey data
Relocation Assessor 21 MB Self-extracting update of Relocation Assessor cost-of-living data
Geographic Assessor 29 MB Self-extracting update of Geographic Assessor labor cost data
Executive Compensation Assessor 57 MB Self-extracting update of Executive Compensation Assessor survey data
Nonprofit Comparables Assessor 79 MB Self-extracting update of Nonprofit Comparables Assessor tax-exempt survey data
PAQ's eDOT Demo – FREE
Updated 3/17/2014

Occupational Assessor 115 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Occupational Assessor.

Previous Quarter Editions

January 2014 Platform Library

Platform Library (January 2014) 353 MB Self-extracting installation and/or update file of the Platform Library

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