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The Salary Assessor® is used by thousands of companies for its reports on competitive salary, incentive and total compensation ranges for over 6,100 job titles in the US and Canada. The Salary Assessor is based on many sources of employer-reported data including over 100 salary surveys that ERI Salary Surveys conducts annually. This demo edition provides access to a limited dataset for product evaluation purposes. An ERI representative will contact you with an offer to see the entire program free of charge. If you are looking for free salary and cost-of-living reports suitable for personal use, please see
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"The Assessor programs are straightforward, easy to use and work well for me."
  • Ben Kaiser
  • Compliance Analyst, Costco Wholesale Corporation
"It is by far the best market compensation tool I have ever used... Again, it is a WONDERFUL product."
  • Denise Flournoy
  • Director HR & Compensation, Ruby Tuesday
"As a newcomer to the compensation field, I really like ERI software. You provide complete instructions, I can control all the variables, it is easy to use, and you always have the jobs my boss needs."
  • Hady F. Perez-Vasallo
  • Compensation Analyst, University of Miami
"ERI has been an excellent tool. We use the Salary Assessor, the Geographic Assessor and the Relocation Assessor. Zachry has multiple construction locations spread around the United States, often in smaller towns. We also have multiple lines of business. It is powerful to have salary information at my fingertips for so many titles, locations, and industry types. Our business units love it that we can create lists of benchmark titles, then run them for multiple locations. In a rapidly changing employment environment the quarterly updates are also very helpful."
  • Cynda Reznicek
  • Zachry Construction Corporation
"ERI is the best investment I've made all year."
  • June DeLeo, SPHR
  • Principal, HR Response LLC
"Great product, great service."
  • A. Michael Hiles & Associates Inc., Quebec
"My subscription to ERI has been the VERY BEST investment of my professional career. ERI paid for itself before the end of the first month. The precision and detail of the data that I can now provide my clients enhances my own credibility as a consultant."
  • Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR
  • Independent Consultant, FiveL Company
"ERI is the only compensation data provider working hard to do it right all the time, and ERI is the only outfit willing to put professional vision ahead of short-term product profitability."
  • Carl Sheppard
  • Thomas Jefferson University
"I have used ERI over the decades and have found it to be an excellent tool for guiding relocation and other business decisions. It is now a critical tool due to the simple fact that most employees have access via the Internet to a range of data (and data quality) that tends to seriously complicate the relocation and offer process. Consistent data is key. You must be ahead of the curve with valid and reliable data year after year."
  • Tom McDuffee
  • SR VP Human Resources, Saint-Gobain Containers
"Don't know what I'd do without ERI! It provides the diversified information we must have to meet our clients' compensation needs."
  • Cecily Gingrich
  • Consultant, J.L. Nick & Associates, Inc.
"I have found the eDOT to be the best product on the market for use in my forensic work."
  • Rachel Hawk, MS, CRC, ABVE
  • Work-Wise, Inc.
  • Santa Rosa, California
"I have just received your new updated software and felt compelled to send you a note to thank you for the obvious work performed by you and your organization. For years, we have complained that the money was wasted on other types of data rather than just updating the DOT. Your organization has done the government's job by the creation of the Enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles and it is known that the original Dictionary of Occupational Titles (i.e. DOT) costs millions to accomplish.
Now with the additional 400,000 actual field evaluations of jobs and your expertise, we finally have a DOT that is not only relevant, but also easily accessed and useable. I use this tool to cross-examine vocational experts during a hearing "on the fly." There is no way for me to know either the hypothetical question that the ALJ will ask or the answer to be given by the Vocational Expert (i.e. VE). Yet, without knowing what their answers will be to the hypothetical questions asked, with your product, I am able to know when the VE is telling the truth or whether he or she is not correct in their answers. If they are not correct, I am in a position to immediately destroy their incorrect testimony with your product - a product recognized by all ALJ's as the most current and best job assessments on the market today. You have done an excellent job of taking the government statistics and managing them in such a way that anyone can understand the jobs described and all of the information necessary about those jobs to realistically assess whether a person may or may not have the residual functional capacity to perform that work.
As a past President of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives (1990), I have a volume SSA practice handling SSA cases in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Your product is very helpful in allowing me to do the kind of job I want to do for my clients in order to win their cases."
  • Frederick Spencer, JD
  • Former President of NOSSCR
  • Mountain Home, Arkansas
"I am a recently retired Internal Revenue Service Revenue Agent. I used ERI to produce comparability studies of exempt organizations executives' compensation. One of your graphs is worth many thousands of words! If the majority of the "dots" for a particular NTEE code and revenue range are clustered in one area, it proved to be hard to argue persuasively that a compensation package that rose much higher than any of the others in the similar category could still be termed "reasonable".
I enjoyed using the program because it provides the flexibility to produce a report which fits the profile of the organization and does it in a way that is clear and concise. The data can be shared and verified independently if that meets the needs of the situation. I found the work so engaging that I am setting up a small consulting firm with my daughter who is an attorney to assist exempt organizations meet the "rebuttable presumption" of reasonable executive compensation as required under Internal Revenue Code Section 4958."
  • Robertta Wolf
  • EJ Wolf & Associates LLC
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