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Run Assessor Series Applications

ERI's Platform Library was created as a platform from which all Assessor Series software might be more effectively run. In addition to the main Assessor Series buttons, please see the File | Run a Program menu to review all of the applications that may be accessed from the Platform Library.


Demonstration Versions

ERI's Platform Library includes demonstration versions of all available Windows-based applications.

If a license for one of the Assessor Series products does not exist, then the product's button (and the product's File | Run a Program | ...  menu) is still enabled, providing access to a demonstration version of the product.


ERI's Platform Library also provides quick access to several non-copyrighted datasets that can be useful in compensation & benefits management. ERI has collected this data for interested Human Resource professionals.


ERI Salary Increase Survey & Forecast  

As an ERI Economic Research Institute subscriber, you have free access to the ERI Salary Increase Survey & Forecast available from for salary and merit increase projections by industry, area and job function.  Subscribers must access this report from the Salary Increase Tab in the ERI Platform Library to avoid the standard fee.  After answering the initial twelve survey questions, ERI subscribers linking through the Platform Library will receive this complimentary report.


Industry and Job Family Surveys

Click on Survey Questionnaires to view industry and job family surveys available from  These surveys are free to participating ERI subscribers who access the surveys from the Survey Questionnaires Tab.


Proxies / 10-Ks / Appraisal Norms / Form 990 Compensation Data

You may now retrieve proxies, 10-Ks and appraisal norms for any of 10,000 publicly trade companies. The SEC requires corporations (with stock that trades publicly) to report electronically to the SEC, including copies of annual proxies. Proxies, of course, include executive compensation data. At least five officers' pay are detailed in each proxy, allowing for the instant creation of an executive compensation database that is complete to the extreme, including stock options, imputed values, perquisites, deferred compensation along with easily read tables of direct cash compensation, bonuses and salaries. ERI researchers examine these proxies and extract direct compensation data for approximately 1,200 unique industry sectors.


This data is used for Executive Compensation Assessor and Nonprofit Comparables Assessor analyses. You may retrieve these proxies and 10-Ks yourself, along with extracted appraisal norms. Nonprofit Form 990 and UK executive compensation data (Annual Report *.pdfs) are also available.  Save yourself hours of time using ERI's retrieval programs.


View International Maps

ERI's Platform Library provides easy access to thousands of maps for locations in the U.S., Canada and throughout the world.  Simply select a location using an Assessor Series product, then click on the globe in the center of ERI's Platform Library screen, and a map of the area selected in your Assessor Series analysis will appear. Please note: Connection to the Internet is required for this feature. Please see "Links to Third Party websites" in any of ERI's software application Help programs.


The DLC Wizard

The DLC Wizard is a feature of the Platform Library that allows CPAs, corporate analysts, and students to take ERI Distance Learning Center courses within a program "framework" that automatically runs and accesses course related programs, references and materials.


To Access ERI's DLC Wizard

From ERI's Platform Library, click the HR Courses tab on the top frame.