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If the host has existing e-mail account information in Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail, then the Assessor e-mail will attempt to use that information.  In this case, enter your e-mail account information from your e-mail client (not from the Assessor Series application):


account settings


If the Assessor e-mail cannot find or access existing account information, then it prompts for account information.


email prompt


To enter e-mail account information manually from the Assessor Series application, follow these steps on the E-mail Account Information screen:

1. Choose either Add a New E-mail Account or Edit Account to edit an existing account.
2. Enter your Display Name as you want it to appear in the From: field.
3.Enter your E-mail Address for this account.
4. Enter your SMTP Server address.  You may need to contact your IT department for the SMTP details.
5. Enter your SMTP User Name.
6.Enter your SMTP Password.
7. To delete an existing account, choose the account name from the Edit Account drop-down list and check the Delete the selected account box.


email acct info


Compatibility Issues

All Assessor Series applications utilize an e-mail component that is specifically designed for MAPI e-mail, including MAPI clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.  Customers who use Lotus Notes for their e-mail will most likely experience problems when trying to e-mail from an ERI application.


If for some reason your e-mail software is not MAPI compatible, then you will not be able to use ERI's e-mail feature.


As an alternative to the File | Send an E-mail feature, customers are encouraged to use the Copy-to-Clipboard feature, and/or manually create a screen snapshot, then attach those files to an e-mail created using their default e-mail software.


Address Book

All Assessor Series applications use the Address Book from the your e-mail client (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail).


More Information

Fore more details about sending an e-mailing a report from an Assessor Series application, see E-mail a Report.