Overtime Exemption Testing Edition

  • Ability to select any of over 19,000 position titles to initiate an analysis
  • Analyze job availability statistics and lists of potential jobs
  • Alter measures and comments as required to preserve job history rationales
  • Review FLSA's 11 bright-line classification measures (standard deviations) based on hundreds of thousands of job analyses

Disability Determination Edition

  • Identify an individual’s previous jobs, training, skills and experience
  • Change job measures as required (to indicate an individual’s limitations due to injury or other circumstances)
  • Review the raw source data
  • Review lists of potential jobs and job availability statistics
  • Review local employers and job board postings
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Abrasive Products Sales Representative
Abstract Clerk
Abstract Writer
Account Analyst
Account Executive Advertising
Account Information Clerk
Account Manager Sales
Account Specialist
Account Supervisor
Accountant Assistant
Accountant Budget
Accountant Cost
Accountant Financial Analyst
Accountant Plant
Accountant Public
Accountant Tax
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Cost Manager
Accounting Data Technician
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Services Sales Representative
Accounting Supervisor (General)
Accounting Supervisor (Professional)
Accounting Technician
Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk
Accounts Payable & Receivable Manager
Accounts Payable Clerk
Accounts Payable Manager
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Accounts Receivable Manager
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Acquisitions Librarian
Actuary (Associate)
Actuary (Enrolled)
Actuary (Fellow)
Administration Branch Manager Banking
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant, CEO
Administrative Engineering Director
Administrative Engineering Manager
Administrative Engineering Supervisor
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Services Manager
Administrative Vice President
Administrator Benefits
Administrator College
Administrator Contract
Administrator Database
Administrator EDI
Administrator Historic Sites
Administrator Hospital
Administrator LAN/WAN
Administrator Medical Records
Administrator Payroll
Administrator Procurement IT
Administrator School (Primary/High School)
Administrator Systems
Administrator Total Quality Management
Administrator Trust
Administrator Unix
Administrator Web
Administrator Web Content
Administrator Wellness Program
Administrator Workers' Compensation
Admissions Clerk
Admissions Director
Admissions Evaluator
Admissions Sales Representative
Admitting Coordinator Hospital
Admitting Head Hospital
Admitting Specialist
Admitting Supervisor Hospital
Adult Education Teacher
Advance Agent
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Agent
Advertising Clerk
Advertising Coordinator
Advertising Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Production Supervisor
Advertising Sales Representative
Advertising Supervisor
Advertising Top Officer
Advisor Personnel
Aerial Navigator
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aeronautical Drafter
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical Sales Engineer
Affirmative Action Specialist
Agent Advance
Agent Booking
Agent Business
Agent Import/Export
Agent Insurance Claims
Agent Manufacturer's
Agent Patent
Agent Reservations
Agent Right-Of-Way
Agent Special Insurance
Agent Tariff Publishing
Agent Ticket
Agent Travel
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Products Sales Representative
Agricultural Services Sales Representative
Agronomy Products Sales Representative
Aide Biological
Aide Community Program
Aide Dietary
Aide Geological
Aide Home Care
Aide Housekeeping
Aide Laboratory
Aide Legal
Aide Nurse
Aide Occupational Therapy
Aide Operating Room
Aide Physical Therapy
Aide Psychiatric
Aide Recreation
Aide Security
Aide Social Services
Aide Teacher
Aide Technical Test Data
Air Analyst
Air Conditioning Installer (Residential)
Air Conditioning Technician
Air Tester
Air Transportation Sales Representative
Aircraft Body Repairer
Aircraft Engine Mechanic
Aircraft Engine Sales Representative
Aircraft Equipment & Parts Sales Representative
Aircraft Flight Attendant
Aircraft Flight Engineer
Aircraft Inspector
Aircraft Jet Copilot
Aircraft Maintenance Person
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Mechanic for Props
Aircraft Mechanic Jet
Aircraft Navigator
Aircraft Pilot Jet
Aircraft Pilot Non-Jet
Aircraft Sales Representative
Air-Freight Agent
Airline Security Representative
Airplane Cabin Attendant
Airplane Flight Attendant
Airplane Inspector
Airport Engineer
Airport Manager
Airport Service Agent
Alarm Investigator
Alarm Signal Monitor
Alcohol Abuse Counselor
Allergy Specialist
Alteration Tailor
Aluminum Products Sales Representative
Aluminum Supply Sales Representative
Ambulance Driver
Ambulatory Services Director
Amusement Park Attendant
Amusement-Equipment Operator
Analyst Air
Analyst Benefits
Analyst Budget
Analyst Business
Analyst Business E-Commerce
Analyst Business Systems
Analyst Cephalometric
Analyst Communications
Analyst Compensation
Analyst Computer Network
Analyst Computer Systems
Analyst Computer Systems Hardware
Analyst Credit
Analyst Crime Laboratory
Analyst Data
Analyst Data Security
Analyst Database
Analyst e-Commerce Business
Analyst Economic
Analyst Financial
Analyst Financial Accountant
Analyst Gas
Analyst Human Resources
Analyst Human Resources Information Systems
Analyst Insurance Research
Analyst Internet Traffic
Analyst Inventory
Analyst Investment
Analyst Job
Analyst Job Classification
Analyst Lead Systems
Analyst Loan Review
Analyst Market Research
Analyst Methods & Procedures
Analyst Occupational
Analyst Operations Research
Analyst Organization
Analyst Personal Computer
Analyst Planning
Analyst Product Design
Analyst Programmer
Analyst Programmer Bioinformatics
Analyst Quality Assurance
Analyst Rate
Analyst Risk Management
Analyst Sales
Analyst Search Engine Optimization
Analyst Securities
Analyst Senior Economic
Analyst Social Networking
Analyst Spectrographic
Analyst Standards
Analyst Stress
Analyst Traffic Rate
Analyst User Support
Analyst Website Traffic
Anchor Person
Ancillary Executive Medical/Top Support
Ancillary/Support Top Executive Medical
Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesiology Nurse
Animal Care Sales Representative
Animal Care Supervisor
Animal Care Technician
Animal Caretaker
Animal Hospital Clerk
Animal Scientist
Animal Shelter Supervisor
Animal Trainer
Animal Training Sales Representative
Animal Warden
Annuities Representative
Apparel Spreader
Apparel Trimming Machine Operator
Appliance Service Representative
Applications Programmer
Applications Programming Manager
Applications Programming Supervisor
Appraiser Art
Appraiser Automobile Damage
Appraiser Commercial
Appraiser Equipment
Appraiser Insurance Automobile Damage
Appraiser Residential
Apprentice Drafter
Aquatic Biologist
Arc Cutter
Arcade Attendant
Arc-Air Operator
Architect Data
Architect Database
Architect Java
Architect Landscape
Architect Marine
Architectural Drafter
Architectural Services Sales Representative
Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager Retail
Armored Car Guard & Driver
Armored Car Messenger
Art Appraiser
Art Director
Art Manager
Art Supervisor
Artifacts Conservator
Artificial Breeding Distributor
Artificial-Marble Worker
Artist Fashion
Artist Paste-Up
Artist Scientific
Arts (Fine) Packer
Asphalt Paving Machine Operator
Asphalt Sales Representative
Assembler Bicycle
Assembler Electromechanical
Assembler Electronics (General)
Assembler Electronics (Precision)
Assembler Fabricator
Assembler Metal Fabricator
Assembler Musical Instruments
Assembler Office Machines
Assembler Plastic Hospital
Assembler Product (Bench)
Assembler Product (Machine)
Assembler Special Machines
Assembler Structural
Assembler Transformer
Assembler/Checker Photo
Assembly Line Foreman
Assembly Supervisor
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Administrative
Assistant Auditor
Assistant Buyer
Assistant Certified Nurse
Assistant Chef
Assistant Clerk
Assistant Construction Superintendent
Assistant Controller
Assistant Cost Estimator
Assistant Foreman
Assistant Kitchen
Assistant Library Director
Assistant Manager Banking Branch (Major Branch)
Assistant Manager Banking Branch (Minor Branch)
Assistant Manager Retail Store (Experience)
Assistant Manager Retail Store (Revenue)
Assistant Mechanical Engineer
Assistant Nurse
Assistant Pharmacy Technician
Assistant Plant Manager
Assistant Porcelain Buildup
Assistant Press Operator
Assistant Production Supervisor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Sales
Assistant Speech-Language Pathologist
Assistant Supervisor Teller
Assistant Treasurer Corporate
Assistant TV Production
Assistant Undertaker
Assistant Veterinary
Associate Professor
Association Membership Sales Representative
Athletic Coach
Athletic Trainer
ATM Manager
Atmospheric Scientist
Attendance Officer
Attendant Amusement Park
Attendant Checkroom
Attendant Coin-Operated Laundry
Attendant Dining Room
Attendant Door
Attendant Flight
Attendant Fuel
Attendant Funeral
Attendant Gas Station
Attendant Linen Room
Attendant Machine Rolling
Attendant Morgue
Attendant Nursery School
Attendant Parking
Attendant Parking Station
Attendant Personal
Attendant Photographic-Process
Attendant Physical Therapy
Attendant Sewage Plant
Attendant Slot Machine
Attendant Sterile Supply
Attendant Tool Crib
Attendant Vending Machine
Attendant Washroom
Attorney (General)
Attorney Corporate
Attorney Director Legal
Attorney Legal Manager
Attorney Legal Supervisor
Attorney Patent
Attorney Practicing
Attorney Staff
Attorney Tax
Audiovisual Equipment Operator
Audiovisual Librarian
Audiovisual Repairer
Audiovisual Specialist
Audit Clerk
Audit EDP Director
Audit EDP Manager
Audit EDP Supervisor
Audit Internal Manager
Auditing Supervisor Internal
Auditor Assistant
Auditor Information Systems
Auditor Internal
Auditor Top
Author Web
Automobile Accessories Installer
Automobile Accessory Salesperson
Automobile Body Repairer
Automobile Damage Appraiser
Automobile Detailer
Automobile Estimator
Automobile Manufacturing Service Representative
Automobile Mechanic
Automobile Parts Sales Representative
Automobile Rental Clerk
Automobile Sales Representative
Automobile Service Station Manager
Automobile Service Writer
Automobile Upholsterer
Automotive Engineer
Automotive Leasing Sales Representative
Automotive Lubrication Technician
Automotive Maintenance Repairer
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Service Station Attendant
Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Servicer
Aviation Museum Curator
Avionics & Radar Technician
Avionics Mechanic
Avionics Technician

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