Overtime Exemption Testing Edition

  • Ability to select any of over 19,000 position titles to initiate an analysis
  • Analyze job availability statistics and lists of potential jobs
  • Alter measures and comments as required to preserve job history rationales
  • Review FLSA's 11 bright-line classification measures (standard deviations) based on hundreds of thousands of job analyses

Disability Determination Edition

  • Identify an individual’s previous jobs, training, skills and experience
  • Change job measures as required (to indicate an individual’s limitations due to injury or other circumstances)
  • Review the raw source data
  • Review lists of potential jobs and job availability statistics
  • Review local employers and job board postings
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Cloud Assessor Series

  Full Assessor Series Professional Assessor Series Consultant Assessor Series
Salary data for the US and Canada
Cost of labor data for the US and Canada
Cost of living comparison data for the US and Canada
Overtime exemption status analysis
Executive compensation data for the US and Canada  
Nonprofit executive compensation data  
Disability determination analysis    
Global data    

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