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ERI's Full Assessor Series® is a bundled product suite intended for compensation professionals whose responsibilities do not include executive compensation planning and analyses. It includes the following:

Salary Assessor® Professional Edition: Provides salary and bonus data for over 8,000 US and Canadian job titles. Executive salary and incentive data are not included. Adjust compensation data for 1,200 industries, 300 locations, pay strategy, and salary planning date. Job descriptions, survey populations, and reliability statistics are included. When allowed by copyright, click on a dot and review source data.
Individual Annual Subscription Price: $969. More information.

Geographic Assessor® Professional Edition: Reports geographic wage and salary differentials for over 7,900 areas in the United States and Canada. Enables Salary Assessor subscribers to review individual salaries for 7,000 additional city areas. Click on a dot and review source data.
Individual Annual Subscription Price: $969. More information.

Relocation Assessor®Professional Edition: Make unlimited cost-of-living comparison reports in-house using ERI's relocation calculator software. This cost-of-living calculator customizes analyses based on the employee's earnings levels, family size, home size, spending patterns, and base city/destination locations for both renters and home owners. Analyses include impact of city, county, state and national income tax differences. Reports on over 7,500 locations, including suburbs, in Canada and the US.
Individual Annual Subscription Price: $969. More information.

Occupational Assessor® (eDOT®) Professional Edition: The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) was abandoned by the US in 1991. ERI has assisted PAQ Services Inc. in enhancing and updating this research through digitization and OCR of job postings, salary and HR surveys, field job analyses, analyses of worker compensation claimant files, and study of web traffic at free salary web sites. eDOT contains three modules: a free Job Search analysis, a copy of the 1991 Archive DOT, and a new US FLSA Overtime test application. Review raw data field job analyses scoring of the 64 original selected characteristics of occupations.
Individual Annual Subscription Price: $969. More information.

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